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pctechnosupportThu Jan 15 1970

Hi hpHosts,

I am the owner of
Can you please verify the details of Phishing undertaken by us?
Since you have not revealed any such details, I hope our customers/viewers would not misjudge us by your misplaced comments.

PCTechnoSupport Team

Silver WandererThu Jan 15 1970

How can a 'Team' be the 'owner' of PCTECHNO SUPPORT company? Does he own all the shares of an international organisation?

This morning (13/9/2010) I was phoned by somebody saying he was BT Support'. He told me my computer was running slow and they would help me. BT offering to help a customer??????
His caller ID was 'internet' and 1471 did not know his number. SOMETHING DODGEY?

When he phoned back he said he was .'Windows Support'

He said they could tell there were problems with my PC so I asked the name of the program he used. He then said it was a 'Windows command' but could not tell me which command they had used to interrogate my PC.

He admitted he was not from BT or Microsoft so I demanded the name and address of the company he represented.
He gave me an 0161number and said it was the support centre in Manchester UK, but no address.

I asked for details of what they actually did.

He said they would update the warranty on my PC. I pointed out that the warranty was issued by the PC vendor so he could not update it.

Then he said they would remove unwanted programs from my PC.
It seems that I would install Logmein (freeware) so that they can run scans on my PC. I told him I already use Desktop Maestro to do this.

I already use Logmein but would only allow someone I trust to do this. You are supposed to sit there and watch what the helper is doing. If you do not know much about computers then you are trusting a complete stranger.

I work on the basis that if a business employs sales staff who mislead the customer then the business is not itself trustworthy.

DECEIT not PHISHING d seems to be the problem here. If this member of the sales staff was trained to be 100% honest in the first place he would be more likely to be trusted. I would certainly not have told him my credit card details.

The owner of PCTechnosupport would increase the longterm health of his company if heimproved the training of his sales staff.

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