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AronsonNYC@aol.comSat Jan 17 1970
This is not really a negative review but more an expression of concern. I landed at following a link from another site claiming I could secure a particular title on web site creation for free. I find, however, that registration is necessary, purportedly on a "free trial offer" after which payment is required (thus it's not free). That by itself seems reason for concern, but there's much more. The site seems to offer access to a lot of texts that are clearly protected by copyright. Whether the site is violating these copyrights or not I can't say for sure, but at best it looks quite fishy. also uses several highly questionable tactics to push its products. The site "baits" the user offering interesting titles and "download" links, but when the user clicks on the link promising a download, the site "switches" the use over to a "free trial" registration page (thus classic bait and switch). Also highly disturbing: Every 60 seconds or so, the site sends a pop-up that has literally nothing other than the site's name. Yet the pop-up drags the user back to the browser tab with even if the user is on a different tab (as I now am, for example, on trying to write a review of the site). The pop-up effectively "locks" the user onto the site until the user clicks either "OK" or the cancel "x" in the pop-up's upper right corner. Until the user takes such action, there's no escape from the page. The site effectively "locks" your mouse until you click through its no-content pop-up. All-in-all, the tactics this site uses reek of unethical manipulation. That said, I claim no depth of knowledge about what they're up to. A "whois" search reveals nothing useful. I'm not convinced that this site is ultimately "bad." But because its tactics are troubling. I hesitate to explore much further. Whether malware or viruses lurk in downloads, I can't say. Has anyone else had any experience with this site?
marinaldo3500Sun Jan 18 1970
Not sure, but it did helped me a lot!
isak wiklundSun Jan 18 1970
Seems like scam to me
simcityfan4684Mon Jan 19 1970
This website is a scam that implements bait and switch tactics.

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