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PETA's animal rights campaigns include ending fur and leather use meat and dairy consumption fishing hunting trapping factory farming circuses bull fighting rodeos and animal experimentation

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mariopaintfan234Thu Jan 15 1970
PeTA is not what it seems. They really kill about 90% of the animals they receive, and use your donations to do it, from what I've heard. The site is safe, though.
Petaists walk around naked, and will indoctrinate children with their beliefs.This site is not child friendly.
The people who own this website are crazy! They want to name fish..sea kittens? They should all be put into a mental hospital, and exposed for who they really are. They do nothing for animals, except harm them with their craziness and brain wash people into think they are doing the right thing.
Zammy67rocks2Thu Jan 15 1970
A animals rights scam. PETA has killed over 12,000 animals since 1998.
Too much risque content.
The official site of the hateful, cruel, cult-like PETA organisation. See for the horrifying truth about these con artists.
fairplay08Fri Jan 16 1970
PETA is a sham. They kill animals in their own shelters and do not believe antbody sgould even own a "pet".
Peta uses forceful advertising and takes animal rights to the extreme. I do support animal rights, but this group is full of nutters.
rusty shacklefordThu Jan 15 1970
Just another radical hateful group of people.
William1979Thu Jan 15 1970
Very misleading organization.

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