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Useful, informative.. but the amazing number of 10 tracking cookies detected.
Great site, but environmental articles always tilt.
A worthwhile publication of and about the sciences, engineering and technology, and their relationship to humankind and society. Highly recommended.
che_guevaraFri Jan 16 1970
Useful for expanding the outlook.
Google blocked me getting in because of trojans. It said from last 3 months in 900 of 2000 visit times trojan was installed. Also three more baground prosesses were added. So don't visit! But I have entered that site only once and it didn't look any special.
Good and informative website. Its content is related to #science and #technology PS: 12 cookies nowadays
An interesting site but: Articles are regularly clickbait but otherwise ok. The comments section is disgraceful. The moderators do not enforce any kind of policy. Insane trolls that are permanently allowed to post stupid, absurd and sometimes horrible statements. "cantdrive85", who posts below, is one of the worst cranks on this site.
cantdrive85Sun Jan 18 1970
This used to be a good site, but they've been bought out by Russian pimps that have moved it offshore. They seem to exist now to deny The Truth, the truth of the Electric Universe. They refuse to see the light and fight the illuminati at every turn. It is organized disinformation. It is good, though, for private messages to these fighting the Holy Truth, so that you can hook up and deal with the threat to our Holy Religion! Hannes Alfven is God. All that oppose him are evil incarnate and should be dealt with as the grossest evil they are. Those that deny the Holy Truth are the antichrist.
Wicked Knight Of DragonsSat Jan 17 1970
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