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pixiv is an online artist community where members can browse and submit works, join official contests, and collaborate on works with other members.

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love it~
HybridDragonThu Jan 15 1970
A (Japanese) site for art. There are some amazing artworks, but there are also images which are highly inappropriate for children.
Exciting. Be careful to R-18 artworks. You can avoid them with a simple setting.
mature content images
a nice share picture site
AprilmargeFri Jan 16 1970
There are a lot of very skilled illustrators and designers in Japan, and a lot of them use this site because most of them are not confident of their English skills to join international site. It's like a Japanese counterpart of Deviant Art. Great site for art enthusiasts.
KiritoKazutoSat Jan 17 1970
An artwork sharing website in Japan. Predominantly features anime themed works. You could possibly consider it the Japanese version of DeviantArt like others have said. Pixiv is more lenient on their policies with adult content in comparison to DeviantArt however. Though the site offers a filter that you have to disable, Pixiv does contain artwork that can definitely be considered not suitable for children, and not all of it may be filtered. I have labelled this site with "opinions" because some of the artwork you may find on the site (especially by 18+ artists with the filter disabled) may be considered "Gruesome or shocking" to some. Overall, it's a good website with a collection of some really great aspiring artists.
This website does contain NSFW artwork but content filters are in place for users under 18 and can be turned on/off for over 18s as they wish. Filters might not catch simply suggestive works, though.
Good place for pictures, mature content requires log-in and the filter must be turned on to see it. Otherwise, mostly safe for children, but use caution, as some piece get mis-tagged.

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