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Planned Parenthood has been providing trusted health care for nearly 100 years. Learn about pregnancy.

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I'm a bit surprised with has anything under the maximum rating for child safety, I think it's a no brainer such a service as planned parenthood is not only child safe, but helps keep kids and adults even safer!
xcclomeisterThu Jan 15 1970
There are few things worse than ignorance, and this site gives teens the truth. It is perfectly ethical because some teens are going to have sex with or without the proper information, so it is better that they have it.
This is scary. If I run into much of this far right nut job info here I'll reconsider my participation. This is Planned Parenthood, the organization that does the most of any towards meeting the needs of the less fortunate women. It's totally child safe, and any insinuation otherwise is crackpot misinformation.
Great website for information on all your birth control needs. Also, As a catholic i can't go against abortion seeing as how god murdered unborn babies in the bible.
rel_marvastiThu Jan 15 1970
Planned Parenthood is not focused around abortions, they in fact provide several other options besides abortions and give teens the knowledge they need to avoid such circumstances. It bothers me that so many individuals would go out of their way to judge the actions of others. Leave them alone, they are free to make their own decisions with their own bodies.
Lots of idiots leave comments like "UNETHICAL!!!!11111 THEY KILL BABIES!!!!!". Literally, they're the most idiotic people on Earth.
SkipperGasThu Jan 15 1970
baby killers
Ever hear of eugenics? Margaret Sanger, founder of planned parenthood, used this organization to involuntarily sterilize thousands of Americans (using Darwinism as her basis). Abortions are the main income of this group. Child sex advocates. Of course, they need more if they teach kids, the younger the better, to have sex than they'll have babies they'll need to dispose of easily. Good corner on the genocide market.
Left -Wing Government approved website on info to abort unborn babies. Pastor Rod Parsley has warned about this site. Abortion is a bad to the eyes of the Lord.
BumblebeeTunaFri Jan 16 1970
They abort babies, they are pro-death, child safety should be at the bottom. If anyone thinks planned parenthood is a good thing, maybe you should check out what's going on....

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