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Постановка свадебного танца в Москве: вальс, танго, румба и др.

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pogenimsa.rureviews 4

Listed on at the Zeus botnet tracker as being part of the command and control structure
For questions please referer to

0 is a malware infected site (with trojans, fake AV, zeus and other malicious content) and it's possibly dangerous to visit this site!

BасилийFri Jan 16 1970

Warning: Keep out. IP/Hostname/Website found involved in various Dangerous/Suspicious activities.

* Attackers who try to spy or remotely control others' computers by means such Microsoft remote terminal, SSH, Telnet or shared desktops.
* Threats for email servers or users: spiders/bots, account hijacking, etc.
* Sites spreading virus, trojans, spyware, etc. or just being used by them to let their authors know that a new computer has been infected.
* Threats for servers: exploits, fake identities/agents, DDoS attackers, etc.
* Threats for mobile systems: virus and trojans spreading, smartphone data-harvesting etc.
* Port scans, which are the first step towards more dangerous actions.
* Malicious P2P sharers or bad peers who spread malware, inject bad traffic or share fake archives.

For security reasons it has been placed in a preventive Quarantine status. Any operation involved with it, is strongly discouraged.

The reason for quarantine: Found in the black list of the botnet Zeus


DSHIELD. High Risk Domain



BEFORE requesting me to remove my ratings and comment
ensure the domain has been removed from the source:


Safety Rating Breakdown


Malware or viruses


2 / 100

Child Safety

2 / 100