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popurls® is the mother of news aggregators, a single page that encapsulates up-to-the-minute headlines from the most popular sites on the internet | invented by thomas marban

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listed on "best of the web 2.0" websites list

frankystein123Thu Jan 15 1970

One of the best web news aggregators available.

Good Site

Bad language occasionally and intense sexual references frequently.

The site does not have much of its own content, and as such, what you get can vary wildly. Since its rating depends on what's popular on multiple social networks, you can get adult content, and other things not suitable for children.

That being said, you can also see what's popular on all sites, so it is informative. Use with care. – According to this site contains an exploit that can harm your computer.
It was detected and reported in May 2011. Take care when visiting this place.
You can find more details at

good aggregator, tho whats the deal with the metafilter referral tag on every url? not familiar with that

I find this website informative.

Safety Rating Breakdown


Good site


88 / 100

Child Safety

88 / 100