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PPT( 短網址,不是 PTT (唷,幫縮找我就對啦!

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hans_wurst_2009Fri Jan 16 1970
hacked website. Used for battle net phishing - This domain or a related subdomain was detected as a confirmed phishing site in December 2011. It was listed at where you can search for it for more details. Beware of links that look like a bank, but actually send you to a different site. Here are some other examples - is actually the site - nothing to do with Paypal is actually and nothing to do with Paypal is actually IDSTKOI.COM and nothing to do with Bank of America is actually and nothing to do with Bank of America Phish sites may later be cleaned up and made safe again, but owners need to improve their security to prevent reinfection. was found on September 13th, 2011 on the URIBL (URI based Blacklist service) for possible SPAM and/or Malware violations.
Link shortening service used to conceal links which forward to other spam and scam web sites such as the counterfeit brand name products spammer Do not trust any links from this domain.
The domain, registered through DYNADOT, LLC is listed on at least two SPAM blacklists as of today. This does not necessarily indicate that they are guilty of sending SPAM, merely that the server that their IP address is associated to was confirmed by at least 2 sources to be a gateway for SPAM. This leads us to recommend caution on this server as it is possible that if it is compromised for SPAM, other data could be compromised.
received spam from them
http://%70%70%74%2E%63%63/%67%39%39%38 Percent unescape: Links to a fake pharmacy permanently firewalled NEVER trust a spammer NEVER buy from spammers (HIGH fraud risks) NEVER visit spammed web sites (HIGH malware risks) Still spamming Tracking link: http://%70%70%74%2E%63%63/%67%39%39%38 [report history] Unescaped: Host (checking ip) = Resolves to
spamhaus DBL
Since several days, the blacklist is being hit by about one email per second! trying to relay chinese emails to instant messenger recipients advertizing this single URI: The abuse contact of the hoster of this shortening service is being bombarded by automated complaints summarizing the issue all 10 minutes but does not seem to bother to remove the advertized sites. Target if this redirecting are variuos marvel comic gaming sites, most probably related to which is also being advertized by the same botnet at about half the hitrate of this one. Wow, look at: That was reported nearly two years ago and the operator still has not managed to remove that link. I suppose this redirection service is being run without abuse desk.

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