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privacyprotect.orgreviews 57

I personaly found hundreads of fraudsters`s domains registered with this site. Ask youself a simple question: who will be interested to hide it`s whois contact details behind this site? A honorable merchant? No! The one who has something to hide. And be sure that spammers, scammers, malware distributors and all cybercriminals would be delighted to hide their traces. And my suspicion is that criminals themselves build sites like this one for a long easy life.

This kind of sites like should never exist.


Mr. metallica1025, I made well my research. It took me 1,5 years and the conclusion is simple: is masterminded by cybercriminals. Too many evidences to post here. See in addition:

ReprotectedThu Jan 15 1970

Registrar for other malicious websites!


Achtung Spammer IP:

scam_mail_snitch_off@mail2josephFri Jan 16 1970

In my opinion many who have rated and/or commented on this website have made a mistake, not followed MyWOT policy, nor adhered to the guidelines! Why do I state this so blatantly? Privacy Protect is a business that "insulates" website owners from casual (probably unrelated to business) annoyance type emails of no import!

If one wishes to contact one of their clients Privacy Protect has a readily available webform on their "Contact" pages.

If one wishes to report abuse by one of their clients Privacy Protect has a readily available webform on their "Contact" pages.

If one wishes to contact Privacy Protect directly it has a readily available webform on their "Contact" pages.

If any have information (facts & figures) that indicates I am mistaken and inaccurate in my comments then please contact me, correct me, provide mare accurate information for me to use to correct my comments herein and elsewhere regarding this website and others like it providing legitimate Domain Protection Services.

barcarossaThu Jan 15 1970

Whoever has a domain should have a face. Let's help to make Internet safer!


This site hosts scammers and spammers. I received fraud/phishing e-mails though one of their registrars and I'm not able to report it. They should be blocked by all ISPs.


Owned by criminal registrar (India) and used especialy for anonimizing the "clever guys" from the Russian organized cybercrime to hide a little bit their traces.
A dark hystory of cybercrime involvement of since it was the prefered anonimity service for defunct, a bulletproof registrar for criminals. Ref:
It`s years since Directi is blatantly sponsoring the cybercriminality and tries to delude the public into thinking they are innocent and they do their best to fight the bad guys. But the evidences are against them… an example is right their Logic Boxes / Supersite reselling facility that is constantly used by criminals to set up phantom reseller brands that are exclusively used to spread badness and Directi close it`s eyes…
But it wont last long…


People do not understand how this service works. Read before you post.


Helps scammers, but some are ok…


Safety Rating Breakdown


30 / 100

Child Safety

33 / 100