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High speed anonymous VPN Service from Private Internet Access. Protect your privacy with our VPN tunnel for only .95/yr. OpenVPN, PPTP VPN Tunnels and IPSEC L2TP VPN services in multiple locations. For safe browsing, always use protection. Secure, private and anonymous VPN service.

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SonictrootFri Jan 16 1970

Freenode sponsor.

lightning28Fri Jan 16 1970

Great customer support. It's obvious this company puts their customers first. My account information was sent immediately after signup, but there was an issue getting things working on my computer. I contacted their support and was connected in less than 5 minutes.

I recommend Private Internet Access.

realrasenganFri Jan 16 1970

Private Internet Access is private and a fast VPN service.


The company ignore customer complain.

When I posted my complain on their website forum, they purposely delete my post and close the thread without any explanation.

Before signing up to their service, I initially asked about the availability of their service in my area, and they answered that their service will work in my area. But that answer is a lie.

Do not trust this company!


*******DO NOT TRUST*******
Did not provide service nor did they attempt to resolve the issue when in good faith they were contacted by email, service ticket, or phone. They try to scam their customers and use paypal's policy of non tangible goods to stop you from being able to dispute failure to render service.


safe to use

steffelliottFri Jan 16 1970

I've had to contact CS a few times. They always reply promptly and personally. Never a bog standard reply that is just quoted from a FAQ like most companies.


Nicht sehr vertrauenswürdig. Viele schlechte Erfahrungen von User aus dem Internet.


The site used to provide a good value product and truly outstanding customer support,. However recently the service that they provide to customers has dropped off a cliff edge in terms of reliability and performance.

The secure connection has started falling away when ever it feels like it without warning (recently it is doing this with alarming regularity). Unfortunately this leaves your connection totally un-secured. Also the service has now become patchy at best.

Previously if you encountered any issues, then you could be assured of an instant remedy, by contacting the helpful and knowledgeable staff via their *instant* online live-chat option.

Sadly 'PrivateInternetAccess' have chosen to do away with this option. Now, if you are ever faced with a problem with their service, then you are forced to submit a request for help by clicking on their website and then 'submitting a ticket''.
Then you wait for them to get back to you….. at their convenience. Apparently their time is now more precious to them than their customers service.

If you had asked me 12 months ago whether i would recommend this service i would have given a hearty thumbs up. However in light of the recent and drastic collapse in their service and also in their customer support, i would now give a resounding *THUMBS DOWN*.

If you are looking for a reliable and helpful service, then there is a huge choice of providers out there who you can turn to. I would advise looking else where instead of at PrivateInternetAccess.

Me? im delighted my years contract with them is due to expire shortly, and you can bet your bottom dollar that i wont be renewing it.


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They has been reviewed in torrentfreak:
As for me, 7$/mo. and no logs is really nice.
Even after NSA have learned how to deal whith VPNs they still remain actual defenders of a privacy:


Safety Rating Breakdown


Good site


89 / 100

Child Safety

91 / 100