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psngames.orgreviews 5
Blake.HallSat Jan 17 1970

Grey market game purchases. You'll get what you pay for, but it's in violation of Xbox/PS4's policies and they may later delete it. Buy at your own risk.


Scammers , they sell illigally hacked PSN accounts that could result in you main account getting banned like me.


Have buy an Xbox game on this site, they gave me an account who was kicked by Microsoft, i contact the customer support, they create a ticket and when i send them a mail 4 days later they had close my ticket without saying me, dont want to give me my money back… scam!

SnowyywolfSun Jan 18 1970

At first they gave me a suspended xbox account however after contacting support provided with new acc. Be careful when buying


I bought a game from them and they sent me an account with credit card details attched and friends and message history, seemingly someone else account not just one made to sell the game, they refused to take the 'ownership' back and would not refund or swap for another account, the customer service was utterly terrible with the only response being a copy and paste reply or straight up ignoring me until I provoked a response, I screen shotted the entire shoddy conversation and posted my experience with them on their Facebook page to which they just deleted and then blocked me from being able to repost, if I could post the pictures on here I would. Do not trust this shady 'business'


Safety Rating Breakdown


50 / 100

Child Safety

8 / 100