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Is psychic-reading… safe? Reviews & Ratings

The Extraordinary Chris – Astrologer – psychic Medium – Parapsychologist

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psychic-reading…ee.comreviews 4
annettep38Fri Jan 16 1970

free 'clairvoyance' sold with a simple, multi-purpose text and plethora of email which of course, are after you credit card detail.
the company operates in Britain and France.
the best bit is that the 'magically' see where you work, meaning if your IP address is misleading that is what they read and translate into 'magic'
I just let it run for a day to generate a proper, well founded warning as this scam infiltrates Facebook.


'The extraordinary Chris' who looks like a villain from The Six Million Dollar Man and it's pretty much downhill from there. Otherwise it's the usual psychic spam that upon receipt of your details bombards you with portents of evil/promises of good that may happen to you if you attempt to knock them off their perch with a continuous flow of monetary 'gifts', needless to say after the first time you send money you'll NEVER be left alone on account of being placed on the soft touch with money list.

JAGrossman65Sat Jan 17 1970

Lets just say that this guy IS NOT REAL and is not there to just entertain you. He wants to suck you in and take your money. I have more comments at the unsubscribe site, IF you can get it to work..
Also, you don't have to pay out any money to get flogged with E-mails of "Ican help you".


Guess they saw this coming!
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