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Clean site with a good program.
My preferred programming language. Useful for writing everything from shell scripts to GUI applications that look native on all platforms. Used in many programs as a scripting language to extend functionality like, Bacula, PostgreSQL, Blender, Scribus and many more.
Jared GrayThu Jan 15 1970
Python is a programming language.
le hollandais volantThu Jan 15 1970
Le site de Python, un langage de programmation.
Documentazione per python.
A very good, safe site. Python is my current programming language, and this site contains lots of useful downloads and pages, including the Python interpreter, documentation, links, and forums. This is the best site for Python.
Official Site of Python programming language.
good site
The official Python site. NOT a fake. Python has be used by dozens of companies (including Google) and thousands (or even millions) of people.
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