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Site para compra, venda e aluguéis de imóveis.
The site provides the most complete, transparent and up-to-date inventory of rental properties in Brazil. It´s the only Brazilian website to provide exact property location, map search, professional verified photos.
***** is a reliable site. If you are looking for a place to rent in São Paulo or Campinas, you will find there. The pictures of the places are amazing. They will help you to choose your next home without getting out of your house. It's a great experience!
***** runs a revolutionary business. Using technology and reliable user experience it allows users from Brazil to virtually visit a real estate, reducing the time consuming task of finding a new home. Then they make it easy the rental process, by proving quality services for tenents and landlords/landladies during the rental period.
QuintoAndar is an apartment rental company in Brazil. We offer a simpler, faster way to rent a place to live. QuintoAndar does not publish any advertising from external sites at all and we moderate the listings created by landlords that want to rent their place. Our verification process includes sending someone from our team and displaying a stamp for "Imovel verificado" (verified property). We do not spam any of our clients. We only send e-mail or SMS after opt-in. We use cookies only to verify that the user is logged in and which appartments s/he is viewing. We do not do retargeting advertising. Lastly, we identify ourselves in the front page, provide the telephone number on every single page and if you navigate to "empresa" (enterprise) you can see the profile and the pictures of everyone who works at QuintoAndar. Thank you!

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