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Talkative_LurkerSat Jan 17 1970
The is safe, but it does contain javascripts for several ad and tracking sites. Don' create an account, just create a screen name it works the same. It can be used as a WEAK barrier between you and suspicious sites. It partially masks your IP. But don't expect any real privacy. Registered at: US - Georgia - Atlanta - 1000 Hemphill Avenue - BroadRiver Communication Corp.
harleylorenzoSun Jan 18 1970 allows you to view the same video from any website safely from other people including from Netflix and other websites.
dragonqueenofpowerSun Jan 18 1970
K9 web protection blocks the verification page, and classifies it as hacking. I would suggest making 1-day accounts and never verifying. I also don't suggest linking it to your Facebook or Google accounts: The privacy policy may have changed but it may still contain a clause about storing personal information including credit card and billing information from Facebook. Since it is a free website, I see no reason for it to contain this information until a paid subscription of some sort is made. Overall, it is a very useful website. You can communicate with friends over long distances. Your computer will warn you about the images etc. being viewed by other people. This is nothing to be concerned about, as it is typical whenever you start a room that several people will participate in it and see the images of the in-website browser. The staff has assured users that no one but those in the room will be able to see what has happened in the room. Overall, it is a good website in my opinion, it allows me to watch movies with my long-distance friends despite its possible security problems.
TheGamesGamerSun Jan 18 1970

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