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As of today I am noticing with a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus in American States of Unity, r a r b g is perhaps not for me any longer. This contemplative decision I must make as Weaver ware additional tab pop up inciting security breaches are insufferable and it's quite a shame that we enter 2021 almost 20 years since napsters inception and we still don't have a peer-to-peer file share platform requiring no payments no anonymity yet no security. Use at your own peril, I have had best success of untethered security risks by using a Samsung internet browser and they're built in pop-up blockers and adware versus all other internet browsers for the mobile platforms. That is until today.
Говносборник варёза и порнухи.
Torrent site, good quality but risk for viruses.
Porn site - NOT for children. Risks: tracking, spam, fraud, identity theft, malicious downloads. Do not provide any financial or personal data.
Used to be a good pirate site/torrent site. Still good for movies, but keep in mind a.) Every game more or less since 2017 - now most likely has malware/bitcoin miners and other PuPs in it. b.) Use an adblocker to go there unless you want more of a.) c.) the comments section is cancer, but the mods hypocritically only mod in one direction leaning towards one school of political thought despite their own rules (any racist commentary is ok, as long as its not towards white people. Any political commenting is OK as long as its in line with the Alex Jones/Fox News variant.) d.) They will ban you for any comment not in line with their ethos, or not containing blind praise for them. Use at your own discretion.
Pop unders and adult content but anyway not bad site
Great site spoilt by the unmoderated comments section filled with immature posts unrelated to the torrents in question
no virus, working great, try this awesome site
A very active torrent website , specially for hi res movies
Helpful Safety Reputation 0/29 Server Location Flag (BA) Bosnia and Herzegovina ***** Detection ratio: 0 / 63 Analysis date: ***** 04:22:54 UTC ( 0 minutes ago ) Web site category Websense ThreatSeeker hacking No Malware Detected By Free Online Website Scan On This Website. Submission date: Tue Jul 28 04:23:29 2015 Server IP address: ***** Country: Slovakia Server: RMoo/2.3 Malicious files: 0 Suspicious files: 0 Potentially Suspicious files: 0 Clean files: 400

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