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NewestOldestPopular is a scam site with an unusually sophisticated approach. They claim to offer various unique software programs with cool capabilities, like a tool for stripping vocals from songs, or one for saving Google Maps maps for offline use. They even have YouTube videos supposedly demonstrating the programs in action, full of positive (fake) comments. If you go to download a program, it sends you to a sketchy "complete a survey to download" site such as CleanFiles or Goldshare that pays the referrer (Raresoftware, in this case) for each completed survey. Most of the offered surveys are total garbage -- even the simple "enter a valid email to complete" ones fail to trigger the download and instead redirect you down an endless rabbit hole of spam "surveys" that ask for increasingly personal information or to download dangerous software. But no biggie -- if they make their lunch money from newbs who don't know how to safely navigate these spammy surveys, then so be it. Carefully avoiding anything that required real personal information, I was able to get one of these "offers" to work exactly once -- a rare legitimate one, from TrackIf, that truly needed only an account registration to work instead of my credit card or cell phone number. But downloading the program I was originally after, I just got more run-around. Running the downloaded .exe (in a secure sandbox) pops an alert claiming it requires a certain DLL file to function. And does the download folder include this tiny, 1.13 kilobyte file that's supposedly necessary for the program to function? Nope. Just an equal-sized "fix dll error" text file... with links you back to CleanFiles and Goldshare in order to download it. Naturally, neither of these sites actually lets you download the file. Long story short, creates fake, too-good-to-be-true software complete with faked "proof" videos and fake comments, then try to trick users into filling out BS "surveys" to download it -- because they get payed for each successfully completed survey. And even if you find the rare survey that's actually reasonable and doesn't try to get its hands on your info or make you buy something, they send you an intentionally crippled program that won't function unless you fill out even more surveys. (And if you actually could acquire the DLL, it would almost certainly not work as advertised even then.) is a scam and its programs are all fake. That was pretty apparent when they first sent me to a survey-to-download site -- in my morbid curiosity to explore their scam, I'm almost impressed how far they carry it. Don't waste your time on them (or on CleanFiles, or on Goldshare).
Raresoftware is a scam, I doesn't recomend to download anything from this website, all the apps downloaded from this site are fake... they used to say that you need som "DLL" to continue, please people, be carefull so you don't get scammed by this site.
v1ruuuzzzzRockz04Sat Jan 17 1970
This is a big scam, don't go for this page, this is just bad.... I downloaded a virus here too, Fuck this page, raresoftware shouldn't exist.
ScamInvestigationSat Jan 17 1970 is a scam as well. They are trying to make you download software's from their website to make your life "eaiser", but they are actually trying to scam you with their survey's, and you will allways get an "DLL" error when you download some of their applications. You shood not download any software from this site, because you will probably end up scammed and they will have your money and there will be nothing you can do about it. They doesn't even got a contact email for this. So my tip is that if you get scammed from this website, contact the autirithies to resolve this and they will take legal and apropiate actions for these types of situations.
Foolsgold24Sat Jan 17 1970
Anyone who visits this site should know the term "Fool's Gold". It says it offers programs that are too good to be true, even showing videos as "evidence". But anyone who uses these programs should know better. For example, there is no way "Final Cut Pro" can be compressed into a 2.48 Megabyte .rar. Should you fall victim to trying this download, you will get the classic "Complete this survey to download" and you will never be able to download the program they offer.
XhuticDarknetSat Jan 17 1970
This site should be called "" based on all their scam
pentester244Sat Jan 17 1970
This site is one of the biggest scam I've ever seen. Seriously, how can anyone fall fot this? I hate scammers and I've allways done. By downloading their application you are giving them what they doesn't deserve to have; Money and Views. Do not go for this, the softwares this website "provides" you, are totally FAKE, and please, do not loose your valuable time with this rubbish.
fucker_1337Sat Jan 17 1970
I knew that this site would give me issues, I should never have trusted this. Please people, do not make the same mistake I did entering to this website. This will just make you hate this site as much as I do... Simply, this site tries to scam people.
AleonaHackSat Jan 17 1970
Esta página es una de las mayores estafas que conosco. Ademaas que andan ellos de payasos con sus "Anti-DDos" que presumen tener y esos softwares falsos que tienen. Son unos juackers que intentan ser lo que no son. Lammers. No descargen nada de la pagina de esto ceros estafadores.
RedFrost1337Sat Jan 17 1970
It's illegal to scam people which this website does... This should be reported to the federal's and I think they should take down this website FOREVER, this website basically tricks you into downloading software's that are fake but they will make your life "easier" as those scammers likes to say, but when you DOWNLOAD ANY of their "SOFTWARES" you simply realise that you wasted your time with them and they have scammed you. That's why I would like to say to everywhone who visits the site; DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING!

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