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mandemon90@gmail.comFri Jan 16 1970
Biased as hell, but damn funny. Recomended, but not for research. More usefull to find good arguments to use. Still, they aknowledge their bias and poke fun at themselves accosionally. Also, they have arch-nemesis status with Conservapedia, which from their point of view is just additional source of laughs.
tommorrisukFri Jan 16 1970
Humorous wiki detailing irrationality.
Edge Rated RFri Jan 16 1970
This website is very biased against irrational people :P
They're not all that accurate at portraying what they dislike, their content isn't always child-friendly, and they mock the beliefs of others. Also, they openly admit to vandalizing other sites. But they usually don't lie deliberately, they just paint things in the wrong way. (They often present things using mockery or jest. In my opinion, we should be respectful of others and present the truth without involving either.) Rating: 7T, 10VR, 9P, 7CS Time on site: more than an hour Content accuracy: 5(consistently accurate), 4(occasional mistakes), ❸(subconscious misrepresentation), 2(intentional cherry picking), 1(outright deception)
Good, well documented background information.
mchristennFri Jan 16 1970
biased web site.
guy.chapmanFri Jan 16 1970
An excellent and often witty source for the rational perspective on all kinds of nonsense.
It is very bias, and only represent the opinions of a very few people, calling them proven facts. It also has many articles that are ethical issues.
Disinformation, don't bother. There are plenty of good sites out there this is not one of them.
Jayden BrownSat Jan 17 1970
The website is safe of viruses, malware, and is kid friendly. The website has some extremely pseudo-liberal bias, and this is coming from a liberal, and misrepresents multiple people. If you want a good wiki for school and such, go to the normal Wikipedia. I would not use this wiki, it's as biased as the Conservapedia, yet is rated well for some reason.

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