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Reimage is an online computer repair tool that will automatically fix Windows by replacing corrupt files, leaving your data intact. Scan your PC for free.

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mountainhombreFri Jan 16 1970

I used the product to try to correct a few somewhat annoying Windows issues. Basically, after running the product, my BIOS and Windows systems were so messed up that about a week of back and forths with their tech support resulted in a machine which still wouldn't boot from the hard drive. Now, I've requested THREE times for my money back (per their 30 day guarantee) and still haven't gotten my money.' Ruined my PC, and can't even get my money back (thus far). Hmmm! What would you call this product?


I added some sites that I had to remove with CCleaner and some say that I don't have the authority to remove them. I am the admin of my site so if normal steps to remove them don't work, I'll go the admin route.

It was so bad with constant pop-ups overlapping each other on the same page that I couldn't do anything so now, unless I know the origin of a site and READ every tiny little thing before installing to avoid this mess hopefully. Many I have removed contained viruses, etc.


very annoying pop up. hard to get rid of. i suspect it to be close to if not illegl site do to thee third party reference, not endorsement.


Rogue software, pretends to be legitimate and steals your info.


This software is a SCAM! It claims to be a member of TRUSTe, well they never heard of them! TRUSTe also tell me this software will install scare-ware and Trojans on your computer!

ALL the other reviews ARE FAKE! Look at the profiles! All joined same date and only ONE review!?!

If you clicked the link it forces a .exe file and downloads very damaging software to your computer! The TRUSTe link on the main page is FAKE, not sure? Ask TRUSTe!!!

If you clicked the link YOU ARE INFECTED, run malware software straight away!



Club Penguin KevinSat Jan 17 1970

mauvais site internet votre pc infecté


Found 74 viruses on a BRAND NEW virtual machine???

P.S. "Staff" from Reimage do NOT reply to this post.

Aces N HoleSat Jan 17 1970

Ytd Video download installs malware on your computer that directs you to this site.

orestisssssFri Jan 16 1970

Rogue software.


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