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chetan1991Thu Jan 15 1970
All research peoples are enters here.
ChassegnoufFri Jan 16 1970
Usefull site for scientists but default settings send spam. Some people say RG send unwanted invitations (like Badoo) but I never received such emails.
erikmarondeFri Jan 16 1970
A good site for which I have in two years of use found no reason not to trust. A must for open scientists. Erik Maronde
doctorilabacaSat Jan 17 1970
Nice web site with a lot of information about the diferent investigators them research and the citations! Professional and safe, suitable for kids but probably they will not have access
Henrik JensonFri Jan 16 1970
Useful network for scientists.
che_guevaraFri Jan 16 1970
Safe site.
#Science, #Наука .
This is the type of Social networking site that should be considered a gold standard for the category.
sicilian22Sat Jan 17 1970
Пользуюсь этим сайтом, тут безопасно, много полезных функций, смело можно использовать.
My boss got an invitation this morning, allegedly from me. The time this invitation was sent was while I was asleep. I do not remember ever inviting him. I consider this no less than phishing. The website itself looked great, kind of an academic LinkedIn. I get spammed about open positions etc. It's quite annoying, but I guess that if I look hard enough I can unsubscribe from these emails.

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