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This site encourages the use of illegal and dangerous drugs.
Cannabis is not illegal throughout the United States. In many states it is decriminalized, and widely used for medical purposes. This site, while not appropriate for children, can be useful to those who need learn more about how to grow medicinal cannabis.
Cannabis is a regarded as a Class B drug, upgraded from Class C in 2009. It is an offence to possess or to supply cannabis. The prison sentences for possession is 5 years and 14 years for supplying Class B drugs (so as Class C drugs). Despite the legality of cannabis illegal in Britain, this website provides information about how to grow Class B cannabis plants.
Both the domain name and the IP are located in the USA. Marijuana, like it or not, is illegal in the USA. This website promotes the use of an [currently] illegal substance and I give it a low rating along with this comment based on the current laws. Change the laws, get refer legalized and PM me for a retraction of my ratings and this comment.
martiniqueFri Jan 16 1970
Site-raterSun Jan 18 1970
Promotes illegal activities (according to USA Federal Law), and the WOT ratings have been manipulated. WOT admins please investigate. Hides behind hidden WHOIS and CloudFlare. The reason this comment has not been deleted is because it was posted completely without compensation and completely without any request from any third party.
ROLLITUP are a site that allows abusive content.I went there to meet some genuine people and was treated like shit from the first sign up I was harrassed and ganged up on by members who then posted my IP address and then hacked my (TRIED TO ) computer I got my IP address changed as I had to ...I have just found stuff smearing me and my partner of over 17 years claiming A that we are the same people B that my partner must be useless in bed because I have some date sights where I am looking for other BI WOMEN to meet so that is not true C that we are ugly and have pics on FB THAT IS UNTRUE WE HAVE NO PICS ON FACE BOOK !!! and whether we are ugly or not is none of there bizo.D there is a comment about me using the same name all over the net AM I SUPPOSED TO BE ASHAMED OF MY SEXUALITY !!!I THINK THIS ALSO SAYS ALOT ABOUT ROLLITUP ..I approached the SO CALLED staff there about the hacking and just copped more bullshit and I note this smearing is in a room there that clearly states that behavior is NOT ALLOWED so go figure!! ROLLIT UP is a hackers paradise and the fact they allow people to be smeared and slandered on there site just shows what kind of a place it is!!!!
Cola CandyFri Jan 16 1970
You never know, our kids might learn something useful, which makes a good change from the useless biased propaganda that comes from the government. Your goverment doesn't care about you, it only wants to keep cannabis illegal since there's a whole industry associated with keeping it illegal (prisons, courts). Many would lose their jobs if it were made legal. If you want to keep your children from the truth you may as well make them watch reefer madness. The opinions of the others here are outdated and ill-informed. Please cut out this 'save our children' nonsense. Not only is it rediculous but it's offensive.
Popular marijuana growing forum.
gnarkill9095Fri Jan 16 1970
Not suitable for children but very useful for adults who can make their own decisions.

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