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good rom site Do not click on ads Do not click on ads Do not click on ads
alexandergkellyThu Jan 15 1970
Great rom site & provide fast download. Just use the ad blocker & you will doing fine.
Lucarioman200Thu Jan 15 1970
Yes the roms it provides are great! That's unless you want a virus. Our very first computer was destroyed by this site! Take great caution when deciding on your rom site! (Romulation has treated me well!)
Przemek32767Thu Jan 15 1970
A great resource of roms for many different platforms. Please note that downloading roms is only legal when you own the original game!
This site doesn't seem to provide what it so suppose to service but blank pages with just blank information.
Alot of ads and a once fake anti-virus popup, but nothing else thus far.
swayonshayThu Jan 15 1970
This site host a good deal of Roms for old and new console games. I come here a lot to download roms. I am not sure about ads, as I have a modified host file and ad block plus. I don't see any, but it may have ads. Who knows.
Roms and emulators from this site work pretty well. easy and quick searches of its content. just avoid cliking on ads.
Lots of ROMs, all clean, many languages. I download most of my old-system ROMs here.
Very GOOD downloads for ROM's. Too many ads though.

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