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the real.Cursed ticci leoSun Jan 18 1970
i got bloat war and potential viruses from downloading one of the files but thats one out of many downloads carefull what you download. ps i downloaded super smash bros from it and random shit started popping up make sure you have a good malware protection
jacobe5948Sun Jan 18 1970
links are fake and download malware DO NOT USE THIS SITE
bendikremoy03Sun Jan 18 1970
This site is amazing for downloading ISOs and ROMs for OpenEmu and Dolphin on Macbook devices. However when I tried to download the same functioning files on my Windows Gaming PC the files that were downloaded were .exe-files, which most likely contained a virus. NEVER OPEN .EXE FILES UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. If you have a windows pc and a macbook, simply use dropbox to transfer the iso-files.
jacksdoneganSun Jan 18 1970
It instead of downloading a rom it downloads a exe file which my antivirus detects as malware.
TheChromiumKidSun Jan 18 1970
You just can't seem to find decent Wario Land 4 ROMs that AREN'T exes that apparently destroy your computer!
francistlopazSun Jan 18 1970
If the other reviewers say that they give an .exe file instead of a .fds filr, that's a bad thing. I should not give it any stars, but I have to give it the lowest rating of one star and the red ring of death. Yep, It was an application instead of .fds. Red ring it is. I hope the FCC shuts this site down. Good thing I clicked cancel instead of save.
got a trojan first time downloading something from this site, dont trust it
TheSweetLizardSun Jan 18 1970
Downloaded some .exe instead of rom file.
EpicGaming11195Sun Jan 18 1970
Best ROM downloading site ever! Just do one simple trick: Click the "More Options" dropdown menu below the download button and click "Browser Download (slowest)" and you get a ROM file for whatever system your game is for instead of a .exe!
bebipbop.1Sun Jan 18 1970
ROMs will never end with ".exe"

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