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Received email saying my Google Search Appliance "Contarct" is expiring. I don't have a Google Search Appliance. The URL displayed in the email was ***** but the actual link goes to This appears to be part of the Constant Contact business. CC might a legit business but they are helping spammers.
Helpful belongs to Constant Contact a bulk email provider aimed at organizations wanting to manage their email news letters and announcements. They are a professional organization that has good terms and conditions. They also seem to enforce them. I am sure that if you receive spam (after trying to unsubscribe) or phishing email, they will take corrective action. Blocking the account or removing the phishing content. I have rated this site questionable for "suitable for children" because it hosts many different newsletters some of which may be adult in nature. Adult because they discuss sexuality and issues relating to sex or explicitly sexual because that is what the authors of the newsletters want to talk about.
spam source first 2012, till 2015 AKA ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** 15/04 From: Simpatico Network srl - Italy ***** Received: from ***** ( []) by ***** 15/03 From: "" ***** Received: from ***** ( []) by ***** Received: from ***** ([]) ( 15/03 *****
Constant Contact does not fully police all their clients, a small minority of whom are abusive. People should use caution. One bad client used CC to push out a Amex phishing page: which redirects to this phish URL: ***** This and other similar problems have been reported on the phishtank, such as this report: *****
Spam via email qith fake promotions surveys and scams.
Used to advertise the site ***** in a spam email. The path is from to ***** Seems to be owned by Constant Contact - they must allow unsafe list practices.
Ive used this site for years always gotten all of my product quickly and it was what I had ordered customer service is excellent
good customer experience
Excellent Customer Service with a knowledgeable team. I will definitely purchase from here again.
Good site with a lot of great information
The New Haven Independent online news (paper) digest is an excellent , informative and quality place to find daily news-worthy stories and info. It's been written up in the NY Times, quoted on NPR and given national awareness by it's incisive information.
Honest. Tries to open peoples minds on what is really going on in this country. Tells it like it is!
My Spy Sweeper told me this was a bad site and I would have to make a special exception to view it. Apparently your info goes out to 3rd parties.
Gives kids as well as adults good pointers as to how to make their life more rewadring and happy Very anti-drug.
I learned a lot. Will be telling others to check out this information... good help for parents too.
Excellent information, easily readable, good common sense advice that we can all benefit from.
I like their understandable and short-spoken articles.
diverse views on world politics
Unsolicted mail from this site
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