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ThesaurusRexSat Jan 17 1970
Yet another survey site that collects ALL the information you put in yet at the end says "HURR you don't qualify sorry!" and leaves you without your reward. This should be illegal.
evilfantasySat Jan 17 1970
Website owned by market research technology, data collection company Federated Sample, LLC. Safe website and service.
jkmartindaleSat Jan 17 1970
Perfectly legitimate company powering a lot of market research companies. As you might suspect, privacy is a slight issue, but that's why God gave you a brain.
I've been scammed out of a survey, I completed it (got to the final answers and everything after about 20 minutes) and was suddenly "disqualified". I completed this, give me the cash you owe me.
WolfUnwillingSun Jan 18 1970
Back out if you get a survey from this site. Will only say that you've been disqualified after you've answered all of their questions. I've taken a survey from this site nine times now, and it's happened every single time. Pretty much a scam.
The most dishonest survey site I've ever work for. They collect your answers in many-minutes survey and the next day they send you an info: "Sorry, we don't like your answers and we take away your money for this survey!". It leaves you without your reward. Don't work for them. It's a waste of your time. I agree with my predecessors - the site should be illegal.
jerrankaylorSun Jan 18 1970
Worst Survey Site, EVER!!!! You don't quilify for all most all of them.

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