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They frequently will waste your time letting you complete a long entire survey, confirm you completed it, and then suddenly tell you that you don't qualify for it. So you just gave them a ton of info, took 30 minutes to an hour of your time, and will get paid nothing. And when you do get paid, it's pennies. Total fraud. I guarantee you they're getting paid by the client, but are not paying those they use to complete the surveys. This is illegal - they are effectively stealing IP. And if it's illegal for employers not to pay people for their hours worked, it should be illegal for survey companies to not pay people whose time they waste and ideas/opinions they steal and re-sell. It's not that you didn't qualify, because they verified at the beginning that you did, and willingly gathered answers to tons of questions. There's no way I don't believe they're not using that information. SCUM!
I have had nothing but bad experiences with Samplicio, and their ratings at other sites will confirm this. As others have already pointed out here, two things generally happen with their surveys. One, you answer a long series of questions, then suddenly get disqualified. Or two, you take most of the survey, and suddenly it fails and you get some type of error message. They're used on a number of different survey sites including Publishers Clearinghouse, and I have the same experiences with all of them. You will either waste your time, or be continually disqualified. My recommendation: AVOID. If you're taking a survey, as soon as you see this Samplicio logo, I would back out immediately. At least you'll save yourself some aggravation. If I could give them no stars at all, I would gladly do so.
If I could give a worst rating I would. This is the most corrupt fucking company I’ve ever come across. Pieces of shit. QMEE needs to step up and delete these fuckers from their platform. Fuck samplicio
Unsafe website it’s malware infected for criminals be aware. It disqualified me right after completing a survey about auto vehicles on my mobile device it gives me a fake 404 error not found page then safari warns me that this website may be impersonating "eliteopinio" to steal your personal or financial information. You should go back to the previous page safari warns you when a website has a certificate that is not valid. This may happen if the website is misconfigured or an attacker has compromised your connection. Hmmm? Technically disqualified and they’re the ones stealing data for free for criminals committing frauds
I participated in a survey approximately 7 or 8 months ago. One survey which I *finally*qualified for. I completed the survey and was offered another one. But the problem was they NEVER honored the reward for completion of this survey which was supposedly in conjunction with SQUARED/ CASH APP. the offer was to qualify and complete the survey to receive $1000 cash deposited to your cash app account. These people are scammers. All I got out of this was having to close my cash app account and order a new card. Scammers!!!!!
Disqualified me when I fully completed a survey, do not bother doing any SAMPLICIO.US surveys obviously they paid me a few times but some surveys are shady they do not want to pay me they stole my information and denied my payment. This website should be illegal I would’ve gotten $3 by now but disqualified for no absolute reason near to the completed survey.
Empresa de pesquisa caloteira, diz que a pesquisa tem bonificação em jogos, a pessoa responde e eles não pagam
I don't know how this site has got 4.5 good reviews, clearly these people work for the company as there is no way they have taken surveys with Samplicio, or they wouldn't be giving them 5 stars. The company is an absolute scam, STAY AWAY FROM THEM AT ALL COSTS. You either never qualify for anything or they will disqualify at 99% complete for absolutely no reason and keep your incentive for themselves. Not to mention the amount of times I have completed a survey and been thanked by the company requesting the survey only to have Samplicio step in at the end and say you do not qualify and again, keep my earnings. Samplicio are the biggest scam company ever and if you check other review sites, they dont even get 2 stars!!
Safe Survey site, which is used for surveys.
Worst Survey Site, EVER!!!! You don't quilify for all most all of them.
The most dishonest survey site I've ever work for. They collect your answers in many-minutes survey and the next day they send you an info: "Sorry, we don't like your answers and we take away your money for this survey!". It leaves you without your reward. Don't work for them. It's a waste of your time. I agree with my predecessors - the site should be illegal.
Back out if you get a survey from this site. Will only say that you've been disqualified after you've answered all of their questions. I've taken a survey from this site nine times now, and it's happened every single time. Pretty much a scam.
I've been scammed out of a survey, I completed it (got to the final answers and everything after about 20 minutes) and was suddenly "disqualified". I completed this, give me the cash you owe me.
Yet another survey site that collects ALL the information you put in yet at the end says "HURR you don't qualify sorry!" and leaves you without your reward. This should be illegal.
Perfectly legitimate company powering a lot of market research companies. As you might suspect, privacy is a slight issue, but that's why God gave you a brain.
Website owned by market research technology, data collection company Federated Sample, LLC. Safe website and service.

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