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saykus, ramadan, ramadan cup 2009, islam suomessa, koraani, coraan, koraan, coran SAYKUS Suomi-Arabia Ystävyys, Kulttuuri ja Urheilu Seura -> since 1991

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saykus.inforeviews 2
theJoshMeisterFri Jan 16 1970

As of 12 November 2012, there was no longer evidence of hacker-added content on this domain. 30+ databases and a Wepawet scan all indicated that it's currently clean.

Note: On 8 September 2012, when the site admin claimed that the site was clean, Google Safe Browsing reported a malicious iframe (a different infection than what I had originally reported in July). The site admin has since removed this. See the WOT report for the IP that hosted the malicious iframe:

Following is the original report for this domain that I submitted on 14 July 2012.

This site appears to have been hacked. As of sometime between July 11, 2012 and July 13, 2012, this site is hosting a page that's being used as a redirector (Troj/Redir-O) in a fraud/spam campaign.

News reports about this hack/spam/fraud campaign:

IMPORTANT: If you are the owner of this domain or can otherwise verify that all hacker-added content has been removed, the server's passwords have been changed, the server has been scanned for rootkits and malware, and all security updates have been installed, please contact me via private message on WOT so that I can review my rating. Thanks.

See also the WOT reports for these spammed, fraudulent domains. Most of these are fake Fox News sites containing advertisements for weight-loss drugs:

WOT reports for other domains that currently appear to be hacked at the time this comment is being submitted:


this site now is cleaned and save..

thank you for rating this site..


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39 / 100

Child Safety

39 / 100