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scamadviser.comreviews 172

Advertises good sites as being suspicious, then asks for facebook login name and password to leave comment. also no email address or phone number.


Spammed myWoT forum twice (see user and user )
sample of post hidden

owners use Black Hat SEO Techinques to promote their site

Do not waste your money, never trust a spammer


This site tells you everything you need to know if a site is safe, reliable: domain age, server location, company, administrator, WhoIs, IP etc. …


I can find nothing wrong with the current incarnation of to justify the negative comments and complaints here at WOT.

After investigating many of the negative comments here, it turns out that the complaints that refer to as being an UK company (or otherwise operates or "appears" to operate there) are no longer accurate. If you run a WhoIs search now (as of 12-Feb-2013), it clearly shows that is based in Dallas, Texas, USA. (A probable explanation for the confusion of where the company is actually located is that ONLY the site's DOMAIN name is registered at "", while the company is actually located in Texas).

The commenter "leofelix" writes of some spammer who happened to have the WOT username of "Scamadvisor", but I can see no evidence that that WOT user was actually officially associated with, but even if so, that probably would have been the UK-based operation rather than the Texas incarnation.

Commenter "rybird" complains about having to use a Facebook login to add comments, but — sadly, very sadly! — that's quite ubiquitous these days, and is no reflection on ScamAdvisor and has nothing to do with phishing attempts.

Furthermore, contrary to the experience of commenter "smackers", I was searching for complaints about a site that I suspect might possibly have had ethical issues, but ScamAdvisor says is 100% safe and reliable — exactly what WOT and other ratings sites report.

If I were as suspicious as some of the negative commentators here perhaps seem to be, I'd wonder if perhaps it isn't WOT or WOT users who have tried to interfere with ScamAdvisor's business rather than the reverse. However, I'm not that suspicious, and I do not believe that.

I'm certainly open to new evidence, but it very much seems to me that the current Texas-based ScamAdvisor is legitimate, trustworthy, and safe.


Scamadviser is still new, but that site help to make better decision to see other sites is scam or not. Helpfull i think,


Useful tool in weeding out possible fraudulent and less than trustworthy sites. All results should be combined with human judgement and cross checks with other widely available resources to check out a site.


Good site

thisgirl64Fri Jan 16 1970

Scamadviser is a really helpful tool in identifying fraudulent and safe sites. Just enter the site's url, and a few seconds later, you will find useful information about the website.


Not sure what exactly is wrong with this webpage. I find it useful because it scans behind the scenes info of the webpages that can help you find out if a particular webpage can be trusted or not.

evilfantasyFri Jan 16 1970

Fake or fraudulent reviews website. This information is mostly fabricated and designed to lure in users to fake websites to be scammed by various methods.


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