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scamadvisor.comreviews 8
stopscammersSat Jan 17 1970

Malicious website – not safe
Be cautious while visiting this page


Blocked by Bitdefender as malware


Scam Advisors just uses site entries to gain seo ranking traffic. There doesn't seem to be any way for a business to properly respond to claims.


stay away from this website. It marks down their competitors and anyone who has partnership with them has the right to abuse ratings. Please guys lets report this website, if we get enough reports, Google will shut down this website. Please! I'm counting on you, thanks in advance.


Scamadvisor is a phishing scam. It's a totally made up website and is stealing information. It's from a company that was already in a scam offense in the UK. The name "Identity Protection Service" with the organization as "Identity Protect Limited" (and yes exact phone number. This guy isn't smart) reputation is extremely low as the exact same registrant also registered "". This site was destructive and is from 2014. From what I know, going onto Scamadvisor is very likely stealing information and selling it. Do not use your Paypal or donation link. This likely is stealing money. Details below: gives a thumbs up, except notes's negative reviews. says it's all good. does not have this business listed says it's not blacklisted shows that everything pans out except for mywot (which we know), but also adds in CRDF. CRDF is a french company and is known to have good reputation.

SSSshopper has some issues. The certificate is self-signed and has name mismatch errors. Both of these warnings are very good signs of phishing.

"Identity Protect Limited" UK scam (via
I looked up on google and there was a large scale scam in the UK. _
it seems to have the EXACT owner details are Scamadvisor… the site is no longer around. Scamadvisor was likely the next project.

Admirel AkhmatovaSat Jan 17 1970

This is a safe site however you must be careful. The information in this site really digs. Now I know which sites are safe.

new-owner-of-era-mallFri Jan 16 1970

They used outdated history to rate a site, when they check a site, they don't consider the date difference between a so call online reputation (eg. forum post) and the registered date of the related site.

And there are phishing site it either cannot scan or said 40% trusted, give you example: (this site most menu linked to a blank site called "", the only link can access lead you to the 1st site which try to get your credit card number and say you are not qualify after you entered all your information. )

It is totally NOT accurate and USELESS !

Also DANGEROUS for user below 18,

Estrela.D'OuroSat Jan 17 1970

ScamAdvisor/Adviser, same thing.

Folk have posted that Scamadvisor rate good sites as bad and otherwise.

To begin with, make sure the browser uses ADP or the like. If not, I wouldn't bother using the browser, any browser.

Scamadvisor is just a tool to help a person's main tool, their brain. Used in combination with other information about a site (e-mails, for example) can lead one to interesting discoveries.

Via scamadvisor I have tracked a site supposedly in an EU country, through, Turkey, China and the US. Ownership of the various different levels was Chinese or Arab.

WOT, on other hand, has given a site I often use different ratings or no ratings depending on the "location" of the server, an EU country (e.g., .fr, .nl, .it),, .com., .eu. It is the same site.

Remember, software running on the internet is not the Mars Rover software. Good luck.


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4 / 100

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30 / 100