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RattleZ189Fri Jan 16 1970
Secret government documents.
yellowcakepieSat Jan 17 1970
Site that gives pseudo-realistic information about special monsters/objects/items of extreme strength or uniqueness. All work is fictional and for entertainment purposes only.
stormin5532Sat Jan 17 1970
This website itself is fine but it has Slightly NSFW content in it. So just watch your children when reading it.
scp is the best site of mystery
Horror writing site. Really not a good idea to bring kids here.
enochjli64Sun Jan 18 1970
The SCP Foundation is a wiki-based creative writing website. Genres are primarily horror, science fiction, and urban fantasy, usually written in the format of a scientific report although more traditional methods of storytelling are occasionally employed. Expect mildly gruesome/shocking content.
bitsolutionsSat Jan 17 1970
Nice Website Design. This site is safe
Ben MajoraSat Jan 17 1970
A favourite of mine, in fact, I still love it! Not for children most of it, shocking images and pseudo realistic writing. The SCP Foundation is real of course, but hidden in another website, this one is for entertainment. ;)
DerpHerp1314Sat Jan 17 1970
This website is safe, but i do not reccomend this website for children. Contains jumpscares in some articles. (SCP 1875)
Trustworthy site.This site is amazing if you want to use your imagination.great community.

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