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screensavers.comreviews 72

Products invested with a multitude of malware.


This is just too hmmm how to say that… its just too kind of simple…. It knows that this is a virus page! It can be seen in the Description: is the leader in free desktop wallpapers and screen savers for your computer. Our selection of themes include holiday screensavers, holiday desktop wallpaper, animals, fantasy, movies, vehicles and other free screen saver downloads.


Bad site.

Ddraiggoch06Thu Jan 15 1970

Possibly one of the worst sites for malware and viruses.


Downloads at this site have malware in them. Avoid this site!


I wonder if these guys get profit from wrecking PC's alike?


This site is engaged in distributing viruses and other malware.


This site is like one of the other sites that I have seen before. It says free screen savers. The site says that they are 100% virus free. So you download the program. And to make a long story short, your screen saver times out and a annoying pop up appears saying that you must buy the screen saver to continue to use it. And sometimes your computer gets infected with a virus and you get spammed with e-mails. I had one screen saver that was free. I downloaded it and when I ran the program, it gave me the blue screen. And that was the end of me downloading free screen savers. Sure they may be fancy, but they hog the CPU and slow down your computer. So don't go looking for free screensavers. It is better to just go to the store and buy the cd.


I find it very funny how things say "FREE" in things such as on ads. And what makes it funny is that it isn't free. I was once infected by AntiVirus 2009 (which was at 2008, meaning it was DEFINITLY a virus), and it said to download it freely. First time I did so, because I was foolish enough, and then…well it's actually similar on what happened to mrscience. Only no blue screen of death, but ANNOYING pop-ups. Including a pop-up to say "Buy Now!". Never stay on that website for more than a nanosecond.

Sunshadow1986Thu Jan 15 1970

Remember that warning that Microsoft gave about downloading screen savers that were not already native on your system? They were warning the users specifically about domains like **THIS PAGE**! If Microsoft already knew this page posed a threat, then it puzzles me why they didn't place this site in the "restricted sites" list in IE (they just left it blank there! Not even bothering to incorporate any of the known internet troublemakers, like URLs containing CWS, Virtumonde or even major exploits of the browser or OS like FakeAlert or Zlob!) The stuff in the parenthesis should likely make it clear why I decided to move to another browser and lock down the IE so that other items cannot try to exploit it. Anyway, as for this site, this piece of s**t is definitely getting my red rating in all categories!


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Malware or viruses


10 / 100

Child Safety

7 / 100