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secure1.namgclubs.comreviews 3

I have been a member of The National Home Gardening Club since 1993 and I have not had a problem with the company, but I have had problems when I used the Forums online as some of the old timers who joined after I did think they own the site because of how long they have been coming there. Some of them are jerks, but most of the people there are not. I did not like getting harassed by a group of them, while the website person in charge did nothing! Other then that I have not had a problem with this club. I got the free gift that they offered and I got to test products, which did not cost me anything, but time to test them and time to let them know what I thought about the products that I tested. You do get a magazine bi monthly about gardening delivered to you. I have found the magazine helpful and knowledgeable. There are also sweepstakes that you can enter to win gardening stuff too! I have found a few person which I like and chat with, who have been a great source of knowledge for what I needed. I would recommend the National Home Gardening Club to others, who have an interest in gardening or plants. Happy Gardening!


Sure you get a free thirty day trial, but to actually try anything, you have to pay up front?!?


I have been a member of the National Home Gardening Club since 2010 now & I have never had or found any of the problems related to rating topic choices-trustworthy, vendor reliability, privacy & child safety- I made each payment but 1 online for my premier life member & love being a member. Never have had troubles with the card I used 4 payment. no spam mail comes from using your email address, which is actually kept on file-u use a user name & password to log on-private, secure of who & where you are etc. great like that again along with secure. Mild swearing is NOT even allowed & it's a gardening club-so children are safe to read while u are on the site- example- p***y willows a true plant name cannot be written P part gets edited out completely. When the club sends you items even the magazine they do all they can to ensure you do receive it.. often the trouble if not receiving is the postal system to which writing the club informing something did not come they will reship, they have removed the cost of items from my invoice-payments due… there are some items they send other than free test items-to purchase if u want items like books on gardening, pruners, saws etc to name a few-if u do not want they are great about taking them back & not billing you.
As another person her wrote there are some members who are bullies-have no tact at all… just remember it is your club too & post as you want to, write what you want, not to say bullying is fine or feels good as I too have been there too many times.. pick other forums to post chatting on. post on where bullies are and ignore commenting to them while chatting to others friendly ones, bully stuff usually stops right off to very soon after. one thing I learned is the bully people are sick different ways & some is pain effects, some have brain troubles. honestly & I do think it just makes them miserable in general why others join in who knows? it is like kids at schools sadly. also remember this is a social site too-much like other social sites there are good people and troublesome people. Still remember it is your site, club too-in my 3 years as a member I have learned & encountered much even bullying too many times-I did stop posting a dew months then realized I was allowing them to bully me and take my membership fun away-fun in many forms the club has & many forums to have such fun even start your own topic forum. It takes tough skin a lot & should not. plus we cannot always have such tough skin & should not have to on this club -but remember it is your club to use too & have fun, enjoy etc all you can-take breaks from works too. others I know from the club as good friends now have times they take breaks too for tactless to bully reasons. the old timer members are the worst yes & quite immature even more so from them but really there are many who do have medical troubles. it took me awhile to figure that out-doe snot excuse them though think of when you do not feel well, pain, knowing you have a medical problem or problems what ever they are-you feel miserable to worse about them. still not excusing those members who do bully ways-mild to so bad ways they do… that is when I take my break time, go to other forums, do stuff away from the club. Enjoy all your club benefits, fun & learning while Happy Gardening too :- ) !!!!


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50 / 100

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39 / 100