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Never any issues, seems to preform exactly as advertised.
Please first time on anti fishing and anti hake
Currently involved in the mass distribution of phishing email scams. Beware!
2 is spam, ***** is a legitimate newsletter/marketing mail service.
4n70h4 is concise: - is a fake site, a scammer - block it, mark it as spam. - ***** is a legitimate site, and you might get email you consider spam but not scams and malware
Phishing website that mimicks itself as a legit platform. SendGrid website and all infrastructure is located at sendgrid.COM, not .NET, and if you visit, you will quickly notice lack of any secure connection and content.
Most of the malicious, phishing emails I receive come through SendGrid. This is no longer a trusted sender!
Email marketing software platform used by some legitimate companies (eg Lendingworks) and based on other comments here by spammers/scammers. Nothing wrong with the site as such but be aware it may be used for abuse by other organisations.
Sure, it's a bulk mailer for "internet marketers" - I get it. Curiously, all of the copious email I have ever received via sendgrid has been spam from scammers.
Associated with a training course I purchased. Don't see any harm for that.
Sendgrid hosts (.net). Sendgird is an Easy to Use Email Marketing Software. The service is safe and legit, but pay attention that can be used by users for spam or frauds - so be *suspicious* and check who is the sender.
just one of many email marketing tools. the tool itself can't be spam or anything malicious on its own. most users will be legitimate
Seen in shipping notifications from legitimate websites sending me stuff I ordered. A bit annoying that they tend to use this as their email engagement analytics platform, due to the low rating, but aside from that, I have not seen it used anywhere else.
ORDURE aux Sites totalement ILLÉGAUX, sans aucune mention légale, en WHOIS caché comme d'habitude chez les ESCROCS qui balancent des POURRIELS à répétition pour du PHISHING puis du SCAM ! A FUIR immédiatement de telles raclures de bidet... GARBAGE in the TOTALLY ILLEGAL Sites, without any legal notice, in WHOIS hidden as usual at the SWINDLERS which rocks repeated SPAMS for the PHISHING then the SCAM ! To RUN AWAY FROM immediately such scrapings of bidet ... SCHMUTZ in den völlig UNGESETZLICHEN Websiten, ohne eine gesetzliche Erwähnung, im versteckten WHOIS wie gewöhnlich bei den BETRÜGERN, die POURRIELS in Wiederholung für den PHISHING dann SCAM schaukelt ! Sofort solche Späne von Bidet zu VERMEIDEN... МУСОР в полностью НЕЗАКОННЫХ участках, без любого юридического уведомления, в WHOIS, скрытом как обычно в ЖУЛИКАХ, который трясет повторный SPAMS для PHISHING затем ЖУЛЬНИЧЕСТВО ! ИЗБЕГАТЬ немедленно таких очисток биде.... 垃圾中的完全非法的站点,而不受任何法律通告,在 WHOIS 中隐藏的象往常, 的岩石 重复 SPAMS 的网络钓鱼然后骗局 ! 为避免(逃亡)立即这样的 scrapings 的坐浴盆...
#СПАМ #МОШЕННИЧЕСТВО Этот доменный адрес используется для рассылки спама по нелегальным спискам e-mail адресов c ссылками на мошеннические сайты!
"web search optimisation" spam from, sent via SendGrid. IP address *****
Spam Advertiser =
I received an email from my own email sent to my email and signed by Serious identity hack and very dangerous domain
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