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QuickWhitt7Sat Jan 17 1970
If you want a temporary server, this is the place to get one. If you want a full server, you're gonna have to pay up. But it's still a good Minecraft server hosting site. A friend showed me this, and you can get your server renewed even after time's up.
RattleZ189Sat Jan 17 1970
Very good site to host a Minecraft server for FREE! Has plugin support, very good customer support and affordable prices.
Austin HuangSat Jan 17 1970
Good service provided for a free minecraft server!
good site, but terrible customer service. I asked if when time is up, can I still restart my server, and I got back A DAY LATER "sorry I don't know what you mean"
horrible customer service, literally stole my money! stay away!
marchand_choqueSun Jan 18 1970
Bon site qui permet de crée des serveur minecraft gratuitement mais cependent j'ai jamais acheté la version payente du site
The best Minecraft FREE Hosting!! is the best! Nice Support and Hosting Try It!!
TheSteelBarrSun Jan 18 1970
No Comment. (I cant be bothered)
good site
numlovesnummySun Jan 18 1970
This is terrible! It only gives you a limited amount of time! Try another server!

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