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5 years ago
SPAM VIA: ( ,, , ...) , , FOR: , ........ TRAP LINKS: , (Background picture). ======================================== Marrant tout ces faux comptes MyWOT pour noter, en bien, ce site (souvent des comptes Rookie avec un seul commentaire ou quelques commentaires dont ce site se trouve le premier (ou dans les premiers) commentaires du compte). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Funny all these fake MyWOT accounts to note, for good, this site (often a Rookie accounts with one comment or several comments that this site is the first (or the first few) comments in this accounts). ============================================ I received up to 20 SPAMS day before I decided to change email address because when you're spammed, it's irreversible given the enormous miserly and limitless imagination that have the spammers and their customers. Change e-mail because the old address was good for the trash like a sick body that died and contagious, earned me the duty to warn a hundred websites, a hundred contacts, etc. ... it lasted almost a month this move! And I would have to be calm and friendly towards these "persons" unscrupulous and heartless. ====================================== It's either: A shop or other that uses SPAM to his promotion (adverts), even famous brands, deemed reliable, do the same now, I've seen public services in any country to use SPAM for their advancement (tourism, trade fairs, shows, festivals, etc..), there is only a small step for hospitals, police, governments, schools, ... will go do the same too. A disaster of modern times now affecting other means of mobile communications (smartphones, tablets, SMS, etc..). Or if it's either: An address used for SPAM, endless new addresses (even the wacky, with a letter changed, weird word, numbers, .......) are created permanently to bypass filters, updated constantly, that harassed and antispam services put to block this scourge! Apparently this is the feast of site creations including fake sites for spam, scams, to sell us (legally or illegally) their products or services, and pollute the planet with electric resources wasted, thank you also HOSTS complaisant with the SPAM and the world of profit! One day, the number of Internet domains used for SPAM extensively exceed the number of useful internet domains, like the number of SPAM received which represents 90% of e-mails that are received in the world! Proof here: /!\ A VERY IMPORTANT TIP /!\ : DON'T CLICK ON ANYLINK IN A SPAM, INCLUDING THE UNSUSCRIBE LINK, BECAUSE YOU WOULD CONFIRM THAT YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IS VALID, TO BETTER SPAMMING YOU, SPAMS are very contagious with illegal resale data, unofficially legal in corrupt countries! REPORT DIRECTLY SUSPECTS E-MAIL, SMS OR CALL TO SERVICES PROVIDED FOR THIS PURPOSE THAT THE AUTHORITIES AND ASSOCIATIONS HAVE PUT IN PLACE TO COMBAT THIS PANDEMIC!

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