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skeptvet.comreviews 15
drarnoldlgoldmanFri Jan 16 1970

Dr. McKenzie is among the most brilliant and well informed veterinary thought leaders in the nation today, and his views regarding science serve to broaden ones understanding of the difference between scientific fact and fantasy. His web site is dedicated to opening the mind and exposing bias and charlatanism. His work is a largely unrecognized public service. Thank you, Dr. McKenzie for clearly explaining the difference between proof and conjecture.


Excellent site with very reliable assessments of treatments. Clearly the author has gotten under the skin of the homeopaths et al, who are trying to downgrade the site.

Narda G. Robinson DO DVM MS FAAMAFri Jan 16 1970

The SkeptVet blog is the best, most informative, most well-referenced, insightful, and evidence-based blog on complementary and alternative veterinary medical (CAVM) approaches as well as some mainstream topics that also merit thoughtful review and critical discussion.

Given the controversial nature of many these topics, I have seen repeatedly that those who cling to belief-system based healing approaches in veterinary medicine organize in ways to squelch dissenting viewpoints, because their whole approach may rest on market approval and the public's belief in what they claim. So, good PR can be vital to keep their alternative methods popular and their trade afloat — especially when they cannot prove that what they are practicing is safe and/or effective through science.

For the SkeptVet blog, however, those seeking reliable information on this topic can verify for themselves the veracity of his statements by consulting the many linked references and asking him questions personally to which he responds thoughtfully and rationally.

Being a critical thinker isn't always popular these days, so a site whose ratings are based on numbers of votes can readily be swayed by anti-intellectual group-think and organized campaigns that aim to diminish or eliminate dissenting viewpoints.

I hope that those interested in the facts about alternative veterinary medicine look deeper than a rating system based on votes. If they do, they will learn to value this rare gem and vital resource that is a beacon of light for our profession.


Site is run by a vet who is helpful and knows his stuff. Not friendly to scammers, as it should be.


It's good to find a site where you can find actual facts about treatment from someone who isn't selling anything.

tomcat1765Fri Jan 16 1970

Great site for anyone interested in evidence based medicine and the scientific method.

doc SarvisFri Jan 16 1970

People voting this site down must have an anti-science, pro alt med agenda. Dr. McKenzie does not pull any punches when it comes to untested treatments. His site is a necessary antidote to all the woo-based alt med propaganda out there.

art malernee dvmFri Jan 16 1970

people who rate this site less than the best are most likely delusional or crooks.
art malernee dvm
fla lic 1820


An excellent site for considered, science and evidence based information about veterinary medicine.

normalcat42Fri Jan 16 1970

If you are looking for factual information from someone who knows what he is talking about, this site is for you.


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