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Smart Communications is the Philippines' leading wireless services provider.

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There slogan i "Enjoy mobile internet minus the worries!", though my experiance with smart bro is "Enjoy the worries minus a working mobile internet". Internet not working for more than 1 month and support not doing anything.
Very poor poor service. My smart bro connection keeps on disconnect. We reported it several time, but at first they just try to blame us (bad router, even though there was no router). The call center does cut off as soon as they don't want to help. Or they say "we call back in 2 hours". That never did happen. Or they say "someone will visit you within the next 24 hours to solve the problem". No one ever did came.
my_john1993Fri Jan 16 1970
Steals your electronic load and have a 0% customer care service (even it has it, but they really don't care). Completely BAD SERVICE.
Best for home internet provider that I have tried. Wireless is a fast install, and no phone lines!
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RattleZ189Fri Jan 16 1970
Smart Communications is a terrible service. Their internet speed is very slow and their mobile internet connection isn't very good. It always disconnects and if you try to contact them, they'll just blame you for it. Do NOT use.
bello_kulubotSat Jan 17 1970
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