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Scam! I keep getting the URLs that people say that I've been tagged in. Avoid this site. Here's the example: "hey, you've been tagged in this video, is that really you? ->************"
This website is classified as a phishing website. It is associated with attempts to acquire sensitive information such as user names, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity. You should not enter confidential information on this website. reported by Phishtank returns 404 error is blocked by my security software.That is all I need to know.
John ChapmanSat Jan 17 1970
Used as a link shortener to direct people to the appropriate Amazon and other sites for their country. When setting up links it now tests them for dubious links. Useful site for authors because it allows them to enter their own affiliate code earning them extra on book sales. A lot of the comments on this site refer to other sites a smarturl link sends you to and not to itself. Each page there should be treated separately. If you are concerned then copy the link and paste it into the location (URL) of a new browser tab. Then add a * before pressing return. You'll get details of where the link is sending you to. That's the site you should rate. Use caution - as with any link shortening service.
NotBuyingItSat Jan 17 1970
A phishing scam that spoofs Poste Italiane uses a chain of redirection that involves webpages on several sites. It includes hXXp:// hXXp:// hXXp:// hXXp:// See the incident reports at
To those saying it's a phishing scam, it's because people abuse the link shortner to scam people. It's been done with every link shortner known to man. It is used to shorten links, that's it. The site has nothing to do with the scams people do. Stop being dumb and pay attention. When I first used this, it was go view a new Johnny Cash album that is coming out, it didn't bring me to any scams or anything, it brought me to the Amazon page with the album.
Poste Italiane bank phishing site: -
Safe URL shortener, though links shortened with this tool can redicrecty to anything, so be careful and always check the source you got a link from.
Like, this site only forwards you to a page depending on where you are. If used by arses, it's not this site's fault.

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