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The best site I ever knew for reading reviews before downloading any program.
harnpopo@gmail.comSun Jan 18 1970
Great experience and high speed download servers
zeekriyaghafurSun Jan 18 1970
User friendly interface, prominent download buttons no bullshits advertisement. Fast servers
flightisfun2001Sun Jan 18 1970
This site contains malware and illegal content. It has "Windows operating system ISO" files for free. It is probably pirated, and it has malware on some of the downloads. Steer clear.
stevekaeron1264Sun Jan 18 1970
Downloaded Windows 7 from here and activated with my key working well
Don't bother going to this site; all it is is spyware and malware; even the windows software itself is ridden with spyware.
gizmosfreewareSun Jan 18 1970
Filthy forum spammers hiding links in edited posts to their malware site.
Amazing is to say nothing ... Thank you!!! Don´t always take for granted what others writing. See for your eyes, make tests for god sakes ... for example in a Virtual Machine like VMware or VirtualBox. Why say this is full of spyware, worms and virus??? THAT'S NOT TRUE! P.s- May be not for rookies..
so dangerous site Jan 19 1970
This site can be somewhat trustworthy. I would NOT recommend using it for ISO's unless if it is LEGAL or free like Windows XP. Some files on the site may be pirated or may contain Viruses, Keyloggers or other files

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