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silentoctaviusThu Jan 15 1970
It's just a decent webcomic.
ScottHansonThu Jan 15 1970
Kids love teddy bears. This comic has teddy bears. Conclusion: Kid Safe.
Funny webcomic, updates regularly. Has unobtrusive ads.
There is no adult content, though sometimes the ads may lead to adult comics, that doesn't put the site itself at fault.
There is no OFFICIAL adult content, but seriously. This site is the creator of the "redneck tree" D&D character. Search it. That is mild for SP... However, it is still a great comic and a good site. It just is the kind of site that could scar most young children.
ApocalypseTheoryThu Jan 15 1970
Excellent webcomic, secure site
The rating is child SAFETY, not child appropriateness. Maybe the rating should be more clear, but a few swear words and some adult content doesn't mean that a child is going to get preyed on by a pedophile or something by coming to this site. is a porn site. NOT for children! Contains sexually-explicit material.

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