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Conspiracy theories and disinformation...
Disinformation site. Reference: *****
This site is a source of conspiracy theories such as on 9-11 911 Commissioner Bob Kerrey says 911 was a conspiracy 30 years in the making as well as UFOs and anti-vaccine propaganda such as this Why vaccines spread disease and vaccine science is flawed. Further, during the 2020 election, they promoted misleading information regarding election fraud. This site promotes Russian disinformation as well. See: ***** *****
It covers data points that other news outlets do not, and provides all sources they utilize unlike many other corporate new outlets.
Hard to find verifiable facts on this website and the positive reviews seem suspiciously fake
Dangerous propaganda filled garbage, constantly referencing made up studies knowing their readers won't bother to look any further.
Dedicated to false news, quackery, and propaganda.
Rozpowszechnianie znanej rosyjskiej fałszywki o "chłopcu ukrzyżowanym w Słowiańsku". Informacja była wielokrotnie sprawdzana przez dziennikarzy tak rosyjskich jak i ukraińskich, i za każdym razem wychodziło, że nie ma ŻADNYCH dowodów potwierdzających takie zajście i ŻADNYCH innych świadków poza kobietą, która w kolejnych latach występowała także w innych rosyjskich relacjach, tym razem jako ktoś inny. Szczegółowa analiza: *****
I was looking for info on psoriasis, and this site popped up on the top of Google's list. The article (/ cited multiple studies, yet only has two attributions from a single journal. It was exceedingly sensationalist (ie, the link to "Syndrome X," among others, is wholly unproven). Further review of the website suggests that it purveys sensationalist news with little regard for the facts. It seems like a clickbait repository. Please do not rely on this website for factual information.
In my opinion, ***** is simply the best news website on the Internet. Objective and well-researched on a broad range of topics from politics to health to science to environment/earth changes.
I think that there is not another site on Internet that have what SOTT have: information for people who think. Really I enjoy and learn every day visiting SOTT:
This is by far one of the best alternative news site with a perspective on subjects such as health, politics, psychology, wheather, history (and much more) you won't find in any other places. Plus, they do a great job in researching about all these subjects!
from the comments of other users, I'm not surprised to find that some of the content on this site is heavily biased. I found one that essentially said that people with mental illness are subhuman. Not a reliable source of information.
Conspiracy theories, blatant lies and bullshit, right winged propaganda, full of hate and lies.
Disgusting lie. Site is filled with scums
"the site began as a one-woman operation, this work quickly attracted some truly fine, open minds - people interested in truth, many of whom are scientific professionals and whose work on SOTT is anonymous for their own protection. Our work has been attacked, suppressed, and marginalized by the Powers That Be in ways that no other work has been, leaving us with the distinct impression that we must be on the right track!" In other words, "We have delusions of persecution and our 'research' is rejected by the mainstream scientific community because it's laughable".
They reproduce articles off other sites in their entirety. That is copyright infringement. Also, so much nonsense...
Fraudulent claims with pseudo-science religion-inspired articles, with zero sources and focuses mainly on circlejerking various conspiracy theories, such as but not limited to: JFK assassination, 9/11, vaccination, aliens, and the 2012 Apocalypse. Wearing tin foil hats is advised when entering this website.
Appalling site - spreads propaganda and lies against vaccination. It's a danger to public health and safety. Avoid.
Contains misinformation about health issues/smoking/substance abuse.
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