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It's fraudulant, it's Cure for Cancer Article is a load of Pseudo Scientific nonsense that's easily debunkable. And that's before you read about the Space Aliens in Comets. a Site owned by Snake Oil Salesman's of the Crazy Tinfoil Hat variety by the looks of it. AVOID!
littlepowderFri Jan 16 1970
So bad it's funny...except for the dangerous misinformation on health issues. And DON'T give him your email address or credit card details.
momentsgapThu Jan 15 1970
racist material.
Misinformation with no actual proof (unless aliens living in comets count)
outbackyakSat Jan 17 1970
Appalling site - spreads propaganda and lies against vaccination. It's a danger to public health and safety. Avoid.
Fraudulent claims with pseudo-science religion-inspired articles, with zero sources and focuses mainly on circlejerking various conspiracy theories, such as but not limited to: JFK assassination, 9/11, vaccination, aliens, and the 2012 Apocalypse. Wearing tin foil hats is advised when entering this website.
"the site began as a one-woman operation, this work quickly attracted some truly fine, open minds - people interested in truth, many of whom are scientific professionals and whose work on SOTT is anonymous for their own protection. Our work has been attacked, suppressed, and marginalized by the Powers That Be in ways that no other work has been, leaving us with the distinct impression that we must be on the right track!" In other words, "We have delusions of persecution and our 'research' is rejected by the mainstream scientific community because it's laughable".
l.diamanteFri Jan 16 1970
One of the best alternative news sites.
Bizarre pseudoscience site, a lot of woo about 'quantum' and 'energy'. Also seems anti-vaccination.
Contains misinformation about health issues/smoking/substance abuse.

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