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Great service that helps you deal with spam.
Excellent, very good anti SPAM
Пожалуй единственно надежная защита от спама!
Great site, has helped to cut the amount of spam I receive
Given the character of its mission. I would say, is useful in its efforts stemming the tide of spam. The DNS based blacklist is a huge undertaking and those whose efforts are taken for granted. Thank you job well done
online email administration, which has some expertise in sifting spam from your messages and permits endorsers of report spam to keep up an exact spammers database. Spammers are just on the database in the event that they have been effectively spamming in the most recent 72 hours. One the issue is gone, so is the rating. Good, and safe site.
Сервис занимающийся ерундой и заставляющий верить в "чудеса".
Website where you can report spam messages.
Good Site: Report your e-mail spam here. I am using it since many years. In addition i report received spam to: ***** ***** ***** Very easy for example with the HabuL Add-on for Thunderbird *****
Great site for reporting spammers to the administrators of the networks it was sent from and the hosting providers of sites they link to
Anti spam site,safe with no issues.
UPDATE 10-02-2014: bugged website, error when I click on "Past Reports" or add memory fuel in my account! International website for reporting SPAM, with support to try to stop this growing scourge complaining everywhere, judicial authorities, police, prosecuting authorities, other authorities, hosts, advertisers, etc ... with some results, EVEN if don't expect any miracles. This is particularly the case in France, where the government is corrupt, in cahoots with companies of illegal activities, especially commercial prospecting, although French law says that any business prospecting without the consent of the recipients is illegal, the law is bypassed by the state! Proof, French Host OVH, internationally recognized (, has never stopped these illegal activities, despite billions of complaints from billions of victims to, for example,, without ever answers, is it, for several decades! Another particular in France, the national SPAM alert platform ***** has a boss who's also a patron of a large multinational of commercial prospecting, itself spammer, Jean-Philippe Baert, society ExactTarget, these reports was therefore no effect! It is thanks to SpamCop as SPAM began to decline even if it's little, with Signal-Spam, there NEVER had effects!
A QUOI ILS SERVENT ? J'ai beau signaler quotidiennement le harcèlement publicitaire de ***** et ses clones, ça ne sert à rien. Et je me plaignais de signal spam ! ARE THEY USEFUL ? No result !
I submitted to them hopefully that i would receive fewer spam, but they sold my adress and now I get a lot more. SPAM site even if they say they are opressing it.
spamblocklist / report spam to spamcop
online email service, which specialises in filtering spam from your emails and allows subscribers to report spam to help maintain an accurate spammers database. Spammers are only on the database if they have been actively spamming in the last 72 hours. One the problem is gone, so is the rating. Very good, and safe site.
My first use of this site confirms that it makes reporting SPAM (unsolicited commercial email) easy as it filters the header information for usable leads and resolves it into a usable report to the apporpriate internet service provider for further action. This does not mean it is the only place as the government also may want data to further prosecution of those that originate or propagate SPAM. Further information may be obtained at <>.
Great spam protection
I like this website a lot, but I do wish that it was more user-friendly in the sense that an end user could easily read about domains that typically send spam or malware before looking at an email.
I use SpamCop along with MyWOT to report troublemakers.
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