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Spiral Knights, the cooperative adventure to battle monsters and collect treasure in an ever-changing world.

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spiralknights.comreviews 8
mrcounterstrikeThu Jan 15 1970

No viruses,no browser exploits. Just a browser based mmorpg that's still in closed beta.


Official site of Spiral Knights, a free-to-play MMORPG. Safe.


The official site of Spiral Knights, it is great, excellent, useful, a good customer experience, and of course informative.


This is a nice online MMORPG. It doesn't give you any malware or viruses when you download it. Making payments to the game is also safe and reliable. You don't have to worry about the game giving out personal info, because there is almost none you can give and even if there was, they still wouldn't give it out.

This is a nice and fun MMO recommended to all people who like them and want to be sure it doesn't give them malware, give out personal info, and can be trusted.

SonicXRageOnWOTFri Jan 16 1970

It's a really fun and safe game. It has a great community, friendly players, and monster fighting fun! No scary stuff, no adult content, no viruses or exploits, just a fun and free downloadable game. I recommend signing up!

anonmoosekaabFri Jan 16 1970

People hate a LOT of the time, too much inappropriate stuff from players, very violent setup for a game, red on child safety, and the game has tons of viruses, (spread via a java exploit) and the game isn't so great.


The game was put into my steam library without my permission.

It seems this game pays other games to bundle DLC items with their games so it FORCES YOU to have the game listed in your library, and since you dont have the game installed, but have DLC for the game, you can NOT remove it!

This is a blatant exploitation of the system to SPAM and sneak their game into my steam library.

DO NOT trust this company or any who rely on sneaky/dirty tricks to FORCE people to have the game in their library.

(and the fact its free-to-play, likely means its a terrible game which is full of bugs, poor support, and a pay to win or pay to enjoy game play type)


That's good site and good game with nothing that would be unsafe. Game itself is friendly to younger players (though ToS limits to minimum age of 13).


Safety Rating Breakdown


Good site


93 / 100

Child Safety

94 / 100