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They strike you as they call out in pain.
Hate site that labels anything that goes against its' progressive indoctrination a hate group. splc is one of the most extremist websites on the web promoting its own special version of hatred toward others.
The Southern Poverty Law Center is a unreliable and unethical organization that promotes hatred itself. It accuses men's rights movements and Mgtow as a white supremacist and misogynist group, even though its not. Yet supports actual hate groups such as feminism and the LGBT which wants to liquidate men, heterolsexuality and Christianity. So this group should put itself on its "Hate map" since its the biggest hate group out there.
Excellent, non-partisan research and investigative journalism.
this site is a progressive tool to weaponize leftist ideology to persecute those adhering to Biblical Christianity and Biblical Judaism.
Fighting the good fight.
The ultimate paradox is a hate group that hates other hate groups.
Left-wing political agenda. Can't be trusted.
At least sites like Stormfront admit to being racist. Believe nothing on this site.
SPLC is a non profit group which tracks hate and extremist groups of all types in the USA including but not limited to racist, anti immigrant, anti lgbtqia, and anti muslim groups. It tracks groups and their activities regardless of the groups intent. The top four are simply the most prevalent hate group types at the moment. I have used the site for several years now and it's a good source, depressing at times.
SPLC is a hate group, just about every right wing organization is on their "list".
A reliable organisation supporting rule of law, civil rights and a supportive society. Those who are attacking a group which is against violence, bigotry and inequality are showing very clearly not only what they are again, but what they are for as well.
They're very loose with their definition of hate speech, as is trendy to do recently, conflating Men's rights advocacy and anti-feminism with hate speech.
This is the official website of the Southern Poverty Law Center - an encyclopedia-like resource on certain controversial topics such as discrimination. There is absolutely no malware or viruses on this site. The content itself seems fine. The bad-rating comments by others on this page seem preposterous given that the content itself is merely factual. But given that most of these comments tend to mention discrimination and conservative Christianity in the same sentence, I don't believe them (and this coming from a political conservative).
The SPLC is known as a hate organisation towards everything that is conservative and Christian. They are very biased and they are trying to indoctrinate people robbing them of their own opinion. Their tactik is to to intimidate with legal jargon and public bullying. Their research on organizations they judge is without any merit and their claims are solely based biased opinions of individuals. Though their site seems from a technical point of view sound, their content is hate mongering at it's best. That is my personal opinion and it is my right to express it according to the First Amendment, just like SPLC has the right to express their opinion on their website. Thank you and have a great day.
You ask for evidence and not to spam. If the same was held up to SPLC they would close down. Their opinions are not backed up with any real resources.
The site tells it like it is. Some may not like that. Tough!
The SPLC has repeatedly gone on the record as favoring limiting the civil liberties of those they disagree with, and openly endorses the use of false information where doing so advances their political aims.
Clearly, the SPLC lists actual hate groups.  However, it also clearly paints anyone with beliefs other than its own as hateful and bigoted.  That alone makes it untrustworthy.
This is a domestic terrorism group. They promote hatred and discrimination toward conservative Christians.

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