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With Spotydl, download your favorite songs on your computer !

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leijonasisuFri Jan 16 1970

This is a scam. You download the program and it tries to install 3rd-party malware on your computer, and also makes multiple registry changes on your computer, to try and inject ads into your browser. They even try to ask for your spotify premium details so they can steal your account and use its premium features. The application looks pretty 'promising' but there is NO WAY to download spotify songs for free. Simply get them from somewhere else like a Youtube converter or torrent etc. Stay far away from this program and make sure you do a virus scan if you were unfortunate to have downloaded it!!


On Windows it installs *very* annoying spam, changes default homepage and search provider.

grahampleighSat Jan 17 1970

I downloaded this program to my macbook pro, which I have been using for the past 4 years with no problems. Within days (possibly hours) my computer was completely unusable and hanging all the time.

The in built disk utility wasn't even working nor was time machine when booting into safe mode.

Eventually I had to remove the hard drive, wipe it remotely, then re-install OS X on it and re-install all my programs. From there thankfully I used time machine again but had lost everything since my last back-up (~6 months, lesson learned!!).

Don't use this program.




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Malware or viruses


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Child Safety

47 / 100