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stopthegrbullies.comreviews 104
StWintermuteSat Jan 17 1970

In the digital age as borders break down and people can hide behind screens bullying has become a dynamic problem that can be difficult to address. STGRB is a blog dedicated to finding bullies, providing evidence of their actions and informing others so they can be avoided.

STGRB has potential as a learning tool for parents to demonstrate improper internet behavior and act as a starting point for conversations about internet bullies.

Many of the bad reviews here are the result of a very well known author linking an article about a bully who posted an untrue book review on The person who wrote the review has been attacking that author and this persons followers have left bad reviews for the site here. These people would have benefited from a conversation about inappropriate behavior online from their parents.


This site is nothing more than a blog that describes how a small group on the website GoodReads have submitted reviews to authors that are aggressive in nature, attack their writing and make childish statements that the authors should go back to school to learn how to write. This blog does not download harmful software or any software for that matter and is only informative in nature as to the cruelty that some people can show towards others.

Those reviewers in question should consider rewording their reviews in such a manner as to be helpful instead of harmful.

This blog does not incite hatred or is being irresponsible as some of the comments have stated. Consider this, if your child was being bullied at school should they not tell anyone? The same thing applies to this blog. These authors are being bullied by a small group of individuals who appear to have nothing better to do but go out of their way to verbally harass them by writing extremely biting and harsh reviews. There is no positive statements made in those reviews. If these so called reviewers took the time to point out the issues then gave examples as to why these issues are problems instead of making adolescent comments about the author's ability, parentage, education and family life, this blog about GR bullying wouldn't have even been created.

Rose.CattleyaSat Jan 17 1970

The website does not have any hidden malicious software/malware, or any advertisements to 3rd party websites.

As in their statement:

"Who We Are

We are readers, bloggers, and Goodreads members (not authors) who, inspired by those who have already taken a stand, have come together in an effort to stop the bullying we have seen on not only the GR fora, but other online fora as well (i.e. Amazon, AW, etc.) With the information we find online, it is our mission to educate and warn others of the outrageous behaviour of those commonly known as the GR & Amazon bullies.

Please note, we do not encourage harassment or attacks against the bullies of any kind. We do not encourage our readers to contact them in any way. We are simply here to expose their bullying behaviour.

The bullies are under the impression that any reaction to them is about critical reviews, using the argument that they have a right to express their opinions. We are not here to fight against critical reviews. That is not what our campaign is about. It is about their bullying behaviour towards others which is becoming increasingly disturbing."

So it is sad to say, that the negative reviews about STGRB perfectly reflect the way bullies use negative reviews to undermine their work and smear it's reputation JUST because they called out the BIG BULLY in the internet. Let that sink in.


Wot Services Needs To Know This Website ( Is Under Attack By The Very Bullies It's Trying To Prevent – Because Beloved Author & STGRB Member ANNE RICE Spoke Out Against Randi Harper For Writing Negative Reviews For Books Harper Never Read. Source … That's Pathetic, Randi.


As far as I have seen, the site in question doesn't have any faults in terms of hate and discrimination.
The current rating of the site is a smear campaign by one of the bullies the site covered that has a huge following, who (possibly) haven't even visited the site.
The bully in question left an unethical "review" of a book. I say in quotes, due to a simple fact that the book wasn't read by the person in question, and was just a personal attack on the writer. The bully in question also had bullied other people on twitter.
The bully in question is Randi Harper, her victims include Mark Kern and Vivel Wadhwa (the writer of the book Randi attempted to smear)
Please be careful of short negative reviews on the matter, as it is highly possible that they came from the followers of the said bully.

jason.millerSat Jan 17 1970

This website is currently being smeared by stupid assholes on account of the fact an Amazon review was removed because it was a personal attack on the author by someone that didn't even read the book. It's a fine site, notice all the BS started 6/3/15


The rating is being brigaded by those who have political differences with the ideals of honesty and integrity. There is no discrimination here other than against those who choose to trash a book without even reading it.


This site is a very useful tool to keep reviews of books free of personal attacks. The recent coverage of a removal of a review that gave no insight into the book, was more of a personal attack on the author, and of which the writer of the review did not even read the book is very much a positive.

Gummy.Bear?Sat Jan 17 1970

They try to stop people from abusing review systems to try to hurt authors for reasons unrelated to the content of their work. Folks are upset that this particular avenue of harassment is being opposed, so they're lying about the site.


This site is fine. Don't trust the Outrage Brigade currently trying to trash their rating here. They bully and lie when called out on their bullying and lying.


Safety Rating Breakdown


Opinions, religion, politics


54 / 100

Child Safety

60 / 100