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STOPzilla AVM 2013 is the ultimate line of real-time protection against malware, spyware and viruses

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stopzilla.comreviews 226

This software will attempt to highjack your system forcing you to pay endlessly for their annual contarct.


This is a useless and dangerous piece of software that will hijack your system and give endless popups to get users to purchase this junk.

elliotcroftThu Jan 15 1970

Invents that it has discovered things which it has not, very difficult to remove, keeps on nagging to buy it. (though I could say the same for avira, but at least it is good!) Fake awards, etc.


Associated with adware


Crapware guys. It's a scam.

Its funny cause these guys have read these comments. Stopzilla posted a comment on cotojo's page. That's laughable.

Avast all the way!

Look at the green comments. They're fake, cause if you look at the profiles, they only made 1 post, which includes this site. Trying to build rep eh? not happening. THUMBS SO EVERYONE CAN SEE!

notmyemail2Thu Jan 15 1970

Will not help with the antivirus 2008,2009, 2010 fake ad. Stay away it will find files that are ok to keep. make u buy a full version.

KillFrenzyThu Jan 15 1970

It'll infect you with endless popups. They're a scam.

54togetherFri Jan 16 1970

StopZilla used to be a genuine, trustworthy antivirus, but now it is nothing more than another one of those rogue security softwares. If you don't know what that is, it is a Trojan horse in disguise of a legitimate-looking antivirus software. However, StopZilla deceives users in a different way from your average rogue AV. Most rogue security softwares do a fake 'scan', saying you have billions of viruses on your computer, when you in fact have none. If you press 'Remove' it says you have to pay a high price so it can steal your credit card information. StopZilla scans your system and says you have one virus. You press 'Delete' and it charges you a low software price, like £9.95. The user pays the price with their credit card and successfully removes the Trojan, but on the user's next price statement it shows that they actually paid a really high price like £39.99, and the Trojan comes back. The software doesn't uninstall as easy as it says it does on the website. I'm extremely surprised this website is still up and running. Because this software USED TO BE safe, many people may fall for this. If you want to find a brill antivirus and stumble across StopZilla, STOP!!!! Stay safe, and be careful.

LethalHunterFri Jan 16 1970

Spyware,Most people consider this program as a rogue antivirus,and i do aswell.


It can be pretty useless. They exagerate it's effectiveness.
@Stopzilla If you try threatening me with messages you can look forward to a few more negative comments. Just an early warning for you. . .


Safety Rating Breakdown


Malware or virusesScam


24 / 100

Child Safety

26 / 100