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NewestOldestPopular Jan 17 1970
Strawpoll is a good site to quickly make a poll and to send it to people and get their responses, it has an easy UI and doesn't have a lot of options which is useful to make quick polls. I haven't given it a full green rating because users can write as far as I know everything in the question and answer form, so this is easy to be abused. Beware of , if you capitalize the double i it will look just like, is a jumpscare shock site.
Goods site for getting opinions via straw poll
racoon3456Sun Jan 18 1970
Philip DaanSat Jan 17 1970
A safe site where you can create your own poll.
TheIridiumic138Sat Jan 17 1970
This is a website where you can make your own polls.
Razulminecraft..Sat Jan 17 1970
Strawpoll is the most popular site on the Internet to quickly and efficiently create a poll which people can vote on.
Xx_MrMishkaProGamer_xXSat Jan 17 1970
Nice site to create polls really fast and easy. Only 1 thing here not clear, this site got typosquatted.
did this site get bought out by recently? just seems really werid to me.
test.subjectSun Jan 18 1970
Very good site for polls. However, make sure you do not go on strawpoii, it is a JUMPSCARE!
MonoxideRebornSun Jan 18 1970
Great, safe site.

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