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I do not trust this site.It said I needed an add on to watch a video.I only clicked on one link and WOT popped up with a poor rating warning for AD Yield Manager.
Kevin.SweeneySat Jan 17 1970
Why does WOT rate these malware loaded sites with an "excellent" score?
UndercoverPupilFri Jan 16 1970
Although it took a while, I did get a stream I was looking for (an NBC stream), but while I was watching my stream for about four hours, Adblock for Chrome was constantly updating how many ads it was blocking. By the time I was done watching my shows, Adblock had blocked over 2300 ads on the page. That's insane and I would not want to come back to this site.
safejohnnySat Jan 17 1970
Nothing but a scam site with countless pop ups and banners that are nothing but malware, adware. and phishing scams and links to virus ridden nonexistent video plugins and players. If you like closing a dozen scam ads to click and get a dozen more, go for it.
It is hosting a Rogue Adobe HD download.Get out of this site.
When I click to play video, a page opens which has a WOT rating of ''POOR''
Golf YankeeSat Jan 17 1970
The site promps to install the "HD Player Plugin" malware.
Nikx FabrizioSat Jan 17 1970
its not a website its an ADVERTISEMENT FACTORY! close ads every second, my adblocker blocked almost 9000 ads in 3 hours... shity site.
This site has become really bad recently. The adverts have become more and more and it's now not possible to watch it without adverts blocking the screen every 10 minutes.

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