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Overall, Subeta is a safe site. It is suitable for older children (you have to be at least 13 to register). There are some risqué and potentially "in bad taste" items, and some mature themes are discussed on the forums, but nothing above PG-13. The site is not without its issues. There are several bugs and glitches, some of which have been around for a considerable amount of time. Staff are generally quick to deal with more serious bugs, and are pretty good at making up for any inconvenience caused. User support is very good, in my experience. I've been in contact with several of Subeta's User Admins via their ticket system, and they have always been patient, polite, and as helpful as they possibly can be.
A better neopets, where you aren't banned for absurd things deemed as "mature".
Good alternative to similar sites, friendly community, fast customer service and secure payments.
I am a user of Subeta. Yes it is not for "children" but I'm sure its nothing to be shocked about. You'd be surprised how mature 13 year olds are nowadays. Kids are taught about sex-ed as early as 5th grade. . .at least that's how it was at my school, dunno about other places. It is generally a fun and safe community filled with nice people that everyone who is mature enough to handle can enjoy. c: And you couldn't ASK for a better staff! They are so nice, informative, and answer your questions as soon as they can. Much better than any other pet site I've been to before.
Main Game: Fairly entertaining, with a variety of Quests, Games and Shops. Unique holidays and many site events. Constantly being updated; always something new to do. Human avatar system works well, with tons of items to use on them. Art is very well-done, with re-draws of older art being released often. Many different 'colours' for pets; some very unique 'colours', different from other sites of this kind. Forums: Definitely 13+. Profanity filter can be turned on and off. Users should be wary of 'exclusiveness' of some areas of the forums; user groups are well-established among long-time players. Great ability to customize 'forumset.' Site Layout: Drop-down menus at top right, under banner. Sidebar on the left, which can be customized with 'widgets.' Ability to move navigation into sidebar, with text links. Customization: Great ability to customize profile, avatar, shop, forumset and other areas of the site. Stability: Security and stability of the site is constantly being worked upon; site does experience lag occasionally, though goes down for maintenance fairly rarely. Security: Not as targeted by scammers, spammers and hackers as Neopets, though Subeta does have its share of these problems. Always be wary when browsing the internet, and using sites such as this.
they dont care if you have a problem. the game chrashes due to "sever overload". The game has to many viruses all over it. Many of the shopkeepers are almost naked or scare little kids.
I'm an user of Subeta. It is a good place, with a good community if you have care about it. Mostly the site is suited from teenagers and up, as the community contains lots of people that constantly swears, i.e. on the Shoutbox. The servers usually have average downtime which makes usuability harder, and such, but you can expect no kind of advertisment on the site, more than in the forums to Subeta-related things. Overall, the site is a good place suitable to teenagers and adults, as long you take care of yourself.
This site is generally safe most days, but is prone to glitches and hacks, so it ends up hard to classify. When all is working well, the site is fine! But how often is that? Eh... not much. Often information is made available to anyone though common glitches and password changes are a necessity every month or so, payments are poorly handled and lost on occasion, etc. Every so often the site goes down for SQL errors as well, bit of a pain. Wouldn't say child friendly, but it is properly labelled as such and well defined in the T&C so that's no big issue. Also beware for variations of the URL which are various phishing sites (some were once official URLs, further display of the poor security of the site.)
I've been a member of Subeta for a year or so now, and my main advice is, "Don't even think about touching this site with a ten foot pole." First things first: Some of the pets on this site are fairly graphic, such as the Graveyard and Bloodred pets. Also, the filter for the forums has been removed, leaving everybody to swear to their hearts content. Definitely not suitable for anybody under the age of 13. (okay, I'm being a hypocrite. ) But why does the art even matter, when all the owner wants is money in his pocket? Recently, it was uncovered by some people that the money that was supposed to be helping the servers, and money being payed out of the users own pockets, was in fact being used to pay for the holidays the owner was taking. No wonder the site is constantly down. (: Ah yes, the downtime. If you can get the site to load, you're most likely doing something wrong. Or dreaming. Some of the users are rather snarky as well. There's a hate website up developed on attacking the innocent users of Subeta. Users who joined Subeta to have a funtime have found themselves being harassed and targetted by strangers. What's worse is some of the targetting is on-site, and there's no punishment for the flamers. So there you go. Don't join Subeta unless you want your money to pay for the owner's holiday; or if you want to be flamed by strangers.
I've not had any problem in dealing with Subeta as an entity. Their "about us" now leads (as usual) to a stats page about the site itself. However, the site is definitely 13+. There are clear references to adult subjects and the boards have very liberal language allowances. Some of the pets would be frightening/disturbing to young children. Graveyard pets are dead and rotting, bloodred pets are vampiric and gory, nightmare pets are...well, you get the picture. Some of the NPC characters/shopkeepers are scantily-clad, at best. Also, the co-owner/coder stole the domain right out from under the owner a few months ago, so ***** is not under the control of the site owner, though is. I'd not do anything here that I minded people hacking into and I'd not buy extra credits you're not going to use immediately (or spend lots of money at all on their virtual items) cause you never know when the site won't be there anymore. It's disappeared completely before after hacking/attacks.
I will reconsider my opinion of this website once it is working. Currently when clicking on more info or about us it takes one back to account creation. Not Good. More information means what is your pricing or who are you etc. And NOT give me your email address.
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